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Sharing FT articles: what you need to know

How do you like to share FT articles? Despite the FT being a subscription-based news platform you can still share articles widely to connect with peers, colleagues and clients alike. There are plenty of ways to share thought-provoking, relevant articles and content.

As a news brand with over one million paying subscribers we understand the value of creating accessible ways to share content for our readers. This post takes a look into the many ways to share FT articles, video and analysis to get the most out of an FT Group Subscription.

Sharing accurate, relevant news with your team and colleagues

With an FT Group Subscription, connecting with colleagues and keeping your team informed is straightforward.

For many businesses, sharing the latest news and breaking stories provides important conversation starters as well as keeping their teams on top of updates affecting their business. From topical, in-depth journalism to market scoops, the FT is relied upon for its swift alerts to emerging news.

There are several ways to share FT content within your company, so you can ensure your colleagues and peers are in the best position to react to any global developments or breaking news events.

I like the sharing function in the FT. It gives me the opportunity to share articles with my colleagues if they are relevant to a deal that they are working on.

Max ChenPartner, Primavera Capital Group

Rolling out an FT Group Subscription is the easiest way to ensure all members of your team and the wider company have access to FT content. Any articles, video or other content can be shared easily. To share content with colleagues, simply copy and paste the FT webpage’s URL. Everyone else who has signed up to the company’s subscription will have login credentials to also read those pieces.

However you communicate within your workspace — via the company’s intranet, internal newsletters, or with communication platforms like Microsoft Teams — sharing links is a stress-free way to stay connected.

Below are two suggested ways to share FT content with your team and colleagues.

1. Grouping articles with FT reading lists

A useful way to share FT articles is by using reading lists via myFT. Perhaps you need to share articles about a competitor or create a list to collect information about a client?

Visit myFT, to find the Saved Article section. This is where you can create lists and group together articles you have previously saved. You can save as many articles as you deem relevant and then add them to a list. Each time you save an article, you have an option to add it to one of your existing lists or create a new one.

You can share your individual lists by clicking on one and then clicking the share button in the top right hand corner.

The following video goes into the details of how to share articles and reading lists on

2. Distribute content with channel access

Another way to get news, analysis and updates around a business is via third party channel access. The FT is available on over 60 aggregator and media monitoring platforms.

Our partners aggregate thousands of sources in one platform and ingest millions of articles and sources everyday. When searching for relevant updates this allows subscribers to eliminate the noise and get straight to the root of information.

Subscribers can explore a multitude of sources in one single search alone, meaning they save time searching and find information quickly to share with their team and colleagues.

Take a look at more benefits of using channel access through an FT Group Subscription here.

Sharing to spark a client conversation

Corporate subscribers are sharing articles beyond their own company and using FT content to advise their own clients.

When it comes to sharing news, the FT provides a plethora of trusted, award-winning journalism to help maintain and nurture client relationships whilst keeping the conversation going.

Sharing trusted FT content provides reliable, engaging touchpoints for client-facing teams to use to build stronger customer relationships.

A day rarely passes when we do not share articles by FT journalists to provide and provoke valuable discussion points, both within the firm and externally with clients.

Neil HedgesChairman, Headland Consultancy

Take a look below to see the best ways to share FT articles, videos and analysis with your clients and connections.

1. Sending gift articles

One of the quickest ways to share FT content is through the Gift Article feature.

Premium subscribers can gift up to 20 free articles per month to non-subscribers. Whether you want to share with a client or potential prospect, the recipient of the article can open the link up to three times, with no FT log-in necessary.

Once you have the article you wish to share, go to the left hand side of that article where you’ll find the social sharing column. When you click the share button, a pop-up appears and you’re presented with two options. You can share by copying the gift link or sending via email.

Sharing FT Gift Articles
Sharing FT Gift Articles
Sharing FT Gift Articles
Sharing FT Gift Articles
Sharing FT Gift Articles

2. Enterprise Sharing for connecting at scale

The FT product team has been developing a new feature for our corporate subscribers to share greater volumes of content. Enterprise Sharing is a new, effortless way to share articles at a larger scale with clients and third parties.

Similar to the current gift article tool, the Enterprise sharing button is also located on the left hand side of articles as an ‘Org share’ button. This button takes you to an Enterprise Sharing page where you can share content with recipients inside and outside of your organisation.

Organisations with Enterprise Sharing can have 50 or more collective articles to share, which can be viewed 100+ times depending on requirements.

With Enterprise Sharing, links can be shared easily with clients who may not have access to the FT, in order to to kick start a discussion or strengthen credibility. Find out more about Enterprise Sharing and request access for you and your team.

Sharing to enhance your social reputation

For many businesses and professionals their social media platforms are a carefully curated extension of their brand and reputation. Social media can connect and strengthen relationships with your clients whilst also demonstrating your understanding of their needs and industry.

By sharing trusted information and double-sourced news from the FT, businesses and individual professionals can be confident in the fact that their credibility remains intact.

Sharing FT content via social media
Sharing FT content via social media
Sharing FT content via social media
Sharing FT content via social media
Sharing FT content via social media

Share articles widely by using the sharing column on the left hand side of each article. The FT allows for a ‘first click free’ on social media. This means if a non-FT subscriber sees your shared article, they can read one article for free per day on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

An FT Group Subscription allows subscribers to share FT journalism easily, widely and securely. Try some of our recommendations above to share engaging content internally with colleagues and externally with clients and connections.

Group Subscriptions - Get in touch

An FT Group Subscription extracts the intelligence that’s relevant to your business and delivers it via the media and technologies that suit you best, saving you time and keeping you informed on what matters.

Help your team make better business decisions with the FT’s trusted commentary and analysis. For more information about how the Financial Times can help your organisation or to request a free trial, please get in touch.

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