Integrated Solutions

About the API

Our API allows you to utilise the FT production systems to create
digital products
within your own applications or

by providing access to a dynamic
feed of enriched full-text
FT articles in realtime and a 5+ year archive.

The dataset

API Output Description Volume
Notifications A constantly updating list of content published by the FT. Approx 300 articles a day
Content The full body content, title, byline, published date etc., for an individual FT article. Plus flags indicating whether the content is a scoop, exclusive or editors choice. 730k+ articles
Enriched content As per the content endpoint, with added annotations and links to the concepts relevant to the article, including organisations, people, topics, section and locations. 9.6 million metadata tags
Organisations Information about an organisation, company or public company, including names, parent/child organisations, associated people, public identifiers and Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI). 75k+ organisations
People Information about a person, including employment/board membership history. 132k+ people
Topics & sectors Information about the topics and sectors the FT covers. 700+ topics & sectors

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