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FT Integrated Solutions enables organisations to better discover critical information, integrate into workflow, and spot trends to make faster, more confident decisions.

What is FT
Integrated Solutions?

Datamining licences from FT Integrated Solutions provide full-text FT articles in machine
readable format (Json).

Receive reliable and relevant information via API which can be processed to generate and distribute insights across your organisation.

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Integrate seamlessly

Smarter article discovery

The reliability and timing of information is critical for identifying risk and making good decisions, whether in the context of investing, or business strategy.

The FT’s metadata helps organisations find insightful, relevant content more quickly, enabling a faster response to impactful events.

Risk monitoring - Integrate FT content with your existing risk monitoring platforms.

Intraday trading and market making - Use FT data feeds within your trading and investment management platforms.

Confident trend analysis Confident trend analysis

Trend analysis

Intelligent data models need to understand why events occur and the relationships between different entities involved in those events.

The high density of entity mentions in FT articles connected with causational language, helps to augment your knowledge graph and increase confidence in your time series analysis.

Corporate strategists & policy makers - Make decisions with a long view into the future to monitor the impact of macro events.

Asset managers - Understand the impact of news on asset performance over different time horizons to generate accurate research based on fundamental or quantitative analysis.

Confident trend analysis Confident trend analysis

Algorithmic decisions

Computers can make decisions that are unclouded by human emotion, but those decisions need to be powered by factual, accurate data.

The FT’s double-sourced content in machine readable format is not available from other providers. The exclusivity of the FT dataset provides a great way to gain a competitive advantage.

Quant funds - Increase confidence in your backtesting with FT intelligence about external events.

Black box trading - Process novel proprietary content (scoops) to offer optimal market prices to cater for demand.

Algorithmic decisions Algorithmic decisions

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