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Capitalise on relevant or positive press coverage as it happens. With our one-off republishing service you can quickly purchase the rights to single FT articles to reuse in full on your own channels without committing to a long term agreement.

Make an immediate impact Make an immediate impact
The Financial Times
The Financial Times
The Financial Times
The Financial Times
The Financial Times

Once we’ve got somebody quoted in a nice place, we would purchase the rights to send it externally or internally. It’s great when people read about it in the papers. It’s also useful to understand if some of the things we think about are confirmed by other peers, competitors or stakeholders.

Communications Director, Pinebridge Investments

Build trust with the FT brand

FT-branded copies (digital or reprints) of reports and articles can be used for research, in projects or as an addition in marketing circulation. Reprints can also be co-branded to include your company logo and branding alongside the FT’s. We also offer single or compositions of targeted articles, cover pages, advertisements or editorial content.

Build trust with the FT brand Build trust with the FT brand

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Whether you're looking to distribute physical copies of an article, share it digitally as a PDF, or on your website, we will work with you to supply FT journalism in a format that meets your requirements. For printed copies of articles we also manage printing and worldwide delivery.

Distribute across your platforms Distribute across your platforms

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