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Le Nouvel Economiste Le Nouvel Economiste meets readers’ needs and stands out with global FT content

The challenge

To provide an influential French readership with the quality global coverage they require.

The solution

Le Nouvel Economiste republishes relevant and authoritative content from the Financial Times, translated into French.

The benefits

The publication has “strengthened their utility and reputation” with its readers, significantly increasing engagement and achieving stand- out in the French market.

French readers with a global focus

Founded in 1975, Le Nouvel Economiste is a weekly French-language financial and business magazine. It provides financial news as well as comprehensive coverage of company relations and activities. Its print and digital platforms reach an audience of around 280,000, comprised mainly of policymakers, CEOs, investors and other high-earners.

These influential and affluent readers want relevant, high-quality news and analysis on global economics, politics and business. “To our readers, the world is a village,” says Editor-in-Chief Henri Nijdam. “They need to understand what is happening in global politics, economics and business. Our audience is requesting deep worldwide coverage, not just French.”

Thanks to the FT we have significantly strengthened our international coverage, answering the request of key decisions-makers and politicians among our readership.

Henri Nijdam Editor-in-Chief, Le Nouvel Economiste

Quality global content

Le Nouvel Economiste looked for a cost-effective but high-quality way to provide this content. With the Financial Times rated as the most influential news source by MEPs, EU officials and opinion-formers in Brussels, it was a natural fit. The FT is recognised worldwide as a trusted source of independent and authoritative intelligence on world affairs, business, finance and politics.

Around 100 media businesses worldwide benefit from republishing FT content to grow their readership, brand and revenue. By becoming a Financial Times Republishing partner, Le Nouvel Economiste now supplements its own content with FT articles, reports and commentary – solving the challenge of its readers’ growing demand for relevant, high-quality global coverage.

The publication also has rights to translate FT content into French before republishing, and can benefit from the strength of the FT’s global brand through a range of branding opportunities.

Meeting readers’ needs

From the wide variety of FT journalism, Le Nouvel Economiste chooses the most relevant content that will round out its own coverage and meet its audience’s needs. As Henri Nijdam says, this content “provides us with huge leverage that we could not afford by ourselves.”

The publication selects 3-4 FT articles a week, translates them into French and publishes them across its print and digital platforms. Both its website and magazine have a section – International & FT – dedicated to hosting republished FT content.

Le Nouvel Economiste’s influential readers need to stay on top of current trends, so it regularly republishes content analysing what’s important at that time. Staples include renowned columnists Martin Wolf, Lucy Kellaway and Richard Waters; another popular feature is the classic Lunch with the FT interview, where famous figures chat with refreshing candour over lunch.

This republishing licence permits us to differentiate ourselves in the French market and reinforce our selling points, both for our subscribers and advertisers.

Henri Nijdam Editor-in-Chief, Le Nouvel Economiste

Successful results from republishing

The publication’s readers are extremely engaged with FT content, spending an average of 3’ 36” on an FT article. The average number of views per article is 16,000 per month (1,200 per article per year), and the ‘International & FT’ section of the website received 183,000 visits in 2015 – 8% of total visits.

This republishing strategy has proved extremely successful for Le Nouvel Economiste. Editor-in-Chief Henri Nijdam says it has “strengthened its utility and reputation” by aligning it with the FT brand and adding value for readers by providing the global coverage they require. It has also allowed it to achieve stand-out in the French market, making itself more attractive to both subscribers and advertisers.

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