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BusinessToday Strengthening its position as the go-to advisory magazine for Malaysian businesses with the support of the Financial Times

The go-to advisor for Malaysian businesses

BusinessToday was established in 2001 with the aim of producing an unbiased, credible and independent magazine advising Malaysian corporations in their business journey.

There is a strong focus on highlighting success stories of Malaysian companies; the demand by Malaysian corporates to be featured in the publication is testament to its relevance to the local business audience. This local audience looks to the publication as a go-to source of best practice information and guidance to help them in their business decisions.

The need for quality content

News and information publishing is a highly competitive and saturated business – especially in an age when information and news is readily available on the internet. To succeed in this market, publishers need to offer content worth paying for.

BusinessToday excels in providing local context for Malaysian businesses, highlighting success stories from across the country and advising local companies on how to grow and expand their business.

However, its audience also requires global context and insight. To provide this, BusinessToday chose the FT as a trusted source of independent intelligence on world affairs, business, finance and politics. With over 600 journalists based in over 50 countries, the FT can deliver content that’s both relevant and exceptionally well-informed. Around 100 media businesses worldwide benefit from republishing FT content to grow their readership, brand and revenue. By joining them, BusinessToday could fulfils its readers’ growing demand for informed international news and analysis.

Engaging local readers with global content

BusinessToday readers span a diverse audience, from SMEs and the self-employed to top executives in multinationals. As a republishing partner, BusinessToday can choose from relevant FT news, features and analysis and publish it in their magazine.

The FT is extremely relevant in providing global context.

Selva Rajan Chief Editor and Managing Director, BusinessToday

They can search and download premium content via the FT’s republishing platform, and their license allows them to republish selected articles across their own media channels.

“We typically syndicate FT’s coverage of global markets, monetary policy and regulatory updates,” says Selva Rajan. “Specific industry news pieces and company financials are also extremely relevant in providing global context.”

Competitive edge and cost savings

Syndicating FT content allows BusinessToday to:

  • Gain a competitive edge over local business publications by providing both local and global content
  • Make cost savings by drawing on the FT’s global network journalists
  • Capitalise on the respected FT brand, known for its authority, accuracy and integrity
  • Fulfil the growing demand for accurate information and informed analysis
  • Enhance its appeal to advertiser

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