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Hong Kong Trade Development Council Hong Kong Trade Development Council compliments and boosts outreach with Financial Times Republishing

The challenge

Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) provides support services to SMEs and hosts networking events, talks and exhibitions to showcase the city’s rapidly-expanding tertiary sector. Enterprises follow HKTDC’s websites for local market analysis, but the organisation needed to expand its output using authoritative, objective content.

The solution

The organisation decided to bolster its in-house content by integrating regional and global analysis and research via Financial Times Republishing, helping local SMEs to make informed business decisions.

The benefits

FT content, through FT Republishing, is helping HKTDC to expand its online knowledge base as well as well as attract new visitors and engage more with current readers.

Showcasing and supporting Hong Kong’s SMEs

The bedrock of Hong Kong’s economy are SMEs, and HKTDC serves as a beacon to help guide them through a dynamic marketplace. HKTDC’s mission is to showcase Hong Kong’s strength in the services sector locally, as well as on the international stage.

It achieves this by arming enterprises with relevant information, advice and analysis of trends. The open source knowledge base is backed up by extensive support, resources and consultations; empowering local enterprises to make informed decisions.

The HKTDC promotes Hong Kong’s trade advantages. Our business objectives are raising awareness amongst businesses in Hong Kong and globally of our ‘Belt and Road’ website (and Hong Kong’s role in it) and leveraging the platform in order to seize opportunities. The Financial Times is one of the most direct and competitive channels to reach our audience.

Vince Lung Deputy Manager, Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Bolstering HKTDC’s content with relevant articles

Vince Lung, HKTDC’s Deputy Manager, is responsible for liaising with the communications and marketing teams. Promoting corporate themes, website content, publicity and media invitations are their core focus. Currently, most of the activities are conducted in Hong Kong but the HKTDC aims to expand across the ASEAN region in future.

The HKTDC website informs enterprises about its mission while the organisation’s much-read ‘Belt and Road’ site raises awareness of Chinese government initiatives.

The Financial Times is one of the most direct and competitive channels to reach our audience. The statistics show it’s going well; most of our traffic is from Asia, with some also from the US and Europe.

Vince Lung Deputy Manager, Hong Kong Trade Development Council

The ‘Belt and Road’ site needed more content that could provide neutral analysis in a regional and global context, which is why HKTDC turned to the Financial Times.

FT’s Republishing helps drive HKTDC’s publishing strategy by complementing its in-house content with relevant articles, videos and whitepapers.

How FT Republishing works in synergy with HKTDC’s mission

  • Trends and analysis from Financial Times Republishing on the ‘Belt and Road’ website help inform and guide Hong Kong enterprises; in line with HKTDC’s vision.
  • It aligns the brand with FT’s authority, and encourages click-throughs to ‘Belt and Road’.
  • By utilising their own smart match promotion, HKTDC are able to provide content and advertising that is aligned with the FT, which in turn also helps them attract audiences.
  • FT content helps them provide a direct and competitive reach to their audiences and in particular, rich journalism, including the videos drive stronger engagement.

FT finds articles that would be of interest to our audience. We discussed with the FT team what’s of interest to them and gauged their relevance. Timeliness was also a very important criteria for us.

Vince Lung Deputy Manager, Hong Kong Trade Development Council

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