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Jan 2016

The top work skills in demand

15:46 in General | Education
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How the FT enables ‘corporate-ready’ graduates

The political, economic and social landscape is fast-moving. And much of it is driven by technology disruption. Within the academic and education market, this has had a great number of implications from how disciplines are taught in the classroom or through distance learning; to the work skill sets and experience companies demanding from graduates.

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Jan 2016

Does reading the FT help you sell more?


This graph shows the actual sales performance for a 15 person sales team and how much each person has read the FT digitally.

  • On the vertical axis is the amount of sales per person
  • On the horizontal axis is a score for how well read that person is. The score measures the Recency, Frequency and Volume of reading the FT digitally (RFV)
  • The size of the bubble indicates how many FT articles this person has read in the last 5 months
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Oct 2015

Improve professional development with the FT’s learning & development solutions


Typically, from a student in an academic environment to a veteran in a well established organisation, continuous professional development is critical to the success of the individual and organisation.

The nature of ever-changing global and volatile markets demands agility and for people and firms to keep on top, remain sharp and competitive.

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