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New Straits Times The New Straits Times gives Malaysia’s business community a global perspective, with help from the Financial Times

The challenge

To provide quality analysis and in-depth commentary for their readers and for the newspaper’s Business Times supplement.

The solution

The Business Times section of the New Straits Times republishes FT special reports and opinion pieces to give the local Malaysian community context and guidance on global issues.

The benefits

Reader feedback has been very favourable, with readers appreciating the mix of content and the global perspective that also shows the impact of world events on the Malaysian economy.

Malaysia’s oldest newspaper caters to business leaders

Founded in 1845, the New Straits Times is Malaysia’s oldest newspaper still in print. It is a mainstream English-language publication, although a large number of its readers are a niche market of corporate decision-makers.

With this in mind, in 2002 the NST decided to expand its business coverage by incorporating its separate publication Business Times into its content. In the newspaper, Business Times is a dedicated pull-out section; online it is part of the NST subscription offering but is available to download separately as a stand-alone e-paper.

The challenge of providing quality content

Like many information publishers, the New Straits Times has the challenge of competing with the wealth of free information that is available today. To stand out, it needs to offer high-quality relevant content both in print and online.

The FT is recognised worldwide as a trusted source of independent intelligence on world affairs, business, finance and politics. With over 600 journalists based in over 50 countries, the FT delivers information that combines local expertise with a uniquely global perspective – something that’s invaluable in today’s interconnected business world.

Illuminating the news with expert analysis

Apart from FT news, the New Straits Times finds FT analysis and commentary particularly valuable as it helps readers understand what global developments mean for them and their business. The NST team can search for relevant FT content using keywords such as ‘Malaysia’ or select articles from the FT’s award-winning columnists to republish in the Business Times section.

The NST selects our external sources carefully to ensure a good mix of high quality content; apart from breaking news stories, the FT’s commentary provides in-depth discussion and analysis.

Lokman Mansor New Straits Times

The NST also republishes topical content such as coverage of women in business, both in Malaysia and the UK/Europe. One example is the FT’s Women in the Workplace report. “It’s useful for our readers to see how European countries are tackling the various issues pertaining to women in the workplace, from the perspec- tives of both businesses and individuals,” says Lokman Mansor, Associate Editor (Current Affairs & Digital) of the New Straits Times. Regular use of articles on major players in the financial sector also help readers to make more informed investment decisions and understand the thinking of UK businesses coming into Malaysia.

In the future, the NST also hopes to give readers and site users more value by republishing FT content such as videos and interactive graphics. FT republishing partners can also use tools such as automatic topic or author alerts, as well as email briefings on specific industries or regions.

Satisfying readers and expanding reach

Republishing FT content has given the New Straits Times a valuable boost in terms of its business offering and its reach. Customer feedback has been very positive, with readers commenting on the improved business coverage and appreciating the inclusion of FT content.

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