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CDC Group CDC Group uses the FT to stay informed and mitigate risk

The challenge

CDC Group operate within development finance and its teams require a broad awareness of global news coverage and an understanding of the potential risks and opportunities impacting business.

The solution

With an FT Group Subscription, CDC Group has company-wide access to the FT’s financial commentary, insights and markets data.

The benefits

The FT’s global news coverage helps teams at CDC Group navigate trends, capitalise on emerging opportunities and mitigate risks to support decision making and deliver strong financial returns.

I like the fact that the FT is not just about news stories as it provides analysis around world events. I’m able to cover a lot of ground in the FT. From quickly scanning the latest stories to deep diving into countries or topics, it covers everything I need to know.

Ivelin Dorovski Director of Portfolio Risk, CDC Group

Supporting business growth and economic stability

Established in 1948, CDC Group help solve the biggest global development challenges by supporting private sector growth through investments. As a Development Finance Institution (DFI) with over 70 years experience, CDC Group aim to support business growth and economic stability by increasing capital flows in underdevelopment markets.

An FT Group Subscription offers teams across CDC Group a trusted source of analysis, to remain up to date and stay abreast of emerging trends and mitigate risk. Access to helps ensure their business and investment decisions are more informed.

Accessing markets and global news coverage

CDC Group invest in almost 1200 businesses in emerging economies across the world, such as in Africa and South Asia. The company supports these economies through productive, sustainable and inclusive investment which contributes toward lowering poverty levels and improving the lives of the communities in which it operates.

Ivelin Dorovski is the Director of Portfolio Risk for CDC Group. In his role, Ivelin works towards a better understanding and management of financial risks on a portfolio basis which needs a clear, balanced view of the risks the group faces — which increasingly include climate and ESG evaluation.

For Ivelin, the scope of the FT’s markets and global news coverage ensures he stays informed and up to date with any potential opportunities and risks. “We manage risks with impact in mind and aim for best practice standards,” he explains. “I need to stay on top of market news and updates to do that.” With an FT Group Subscription, Ivelin can access economic and markets data to understand valuable market movements and remain vigilant to any new developments.

“The FT is a function of dual mandate. First, I need the FT to see what’s happening in the market,” he explains. “Secondly, I want to learn more in areas connected to risk management, like ESG and climate topics. I save a lot of topics to myFT.” Subscribers using the myFT feature on can quickly navigate topics aligned to their interests, such as Climate Capital and ESG investing.

Instant alerts and email briefings are also available through an FT Group Subscription. By setting up custom alerts, subscribers save time researching and get straight in front of specific topics that are most relevant to them. The video below is a short guide to using myFT to follow topics.

Strengthening decision making

Much of Ivelin’s role revolves around making informed strategic decisions to drive the best investment outcomes for CDC Group and its clients. “When building strategies, there’s a number of inputs and a whole array of risk considerations,” he explains. “The FT plays a big contributing role in keeping us informed and building a better understanding of developing news and drivers of risk.”

Risk directors like Ivelin read the FT to gain a better understanding of news stories affecting industries that have the potential to impact strategic decisions. The FT delivers double sourced news and analysis ensuring readers can instantly rely and take action from the news they receive. With up to date knowledge, more informed business decisions can be executed at pace.

Another way an FT Group Subscription helps to strengthen decision making is by ensuring all team members within a firm are equipped with the same knowledge and information. “It's important for insights to trickle down through the organisation and that everyone gains an informed outlook.” Ivelin says.

I like to share FT articles with colleagues and they share with me. It's a helpful way to exchange information and be on the same page.

Ivelin Dorovski Director of Portfolio Risk, CDC Group

With company-wide access to, teams can maintain a high level of commercial knowledge and develop their investment decision making.

Subscribers also have a straightforward way of sharing content with colleagues and clients alike. “The team always shares articles with each other. Sometimes it could trigger a new discussion or be as a result of a discussion and provide further information on the topic.” Ivelin explains. There are many ways to share FT content and analysis ensuring teams across whole organisations are prepared in situations such as meetings and client conversations.

Mitigating risk and maximising opportunities

In particularly volatile times Development Finance Institutions like CDC Group are continually exposed to rapidly changing political and economic situations which present both threats and opportunities. “We think a lot about our level of risk appetite which is influenced by our outlook, current news and developing news,” Ivelin says. “It’s important to have a clear view of the risks we’re exposed to and balance our view of such risks.”

With the FT, I never feel like I'm being led in one direction or another. The in-depth view of the news is something that normally you don't find elsewhere. Compared to other places, the FT doesn’t parrot back the news, I think FT are doing a lot better than that, which I certainly appreciate.

Ivelin Dorovski Director of Portfolio Risk, CDC Group

With an FT Group Subscription, the teams across CDC Group can rely on trustworthy, up to date information to help mitigate risks and guide decisions on making the most out of opportunities. The FT’s commentary and analysis connects the dots between sector trends and helps businesses understand the implications of emerging trends.

An FT Group Subscription extracts the intelligence that’s relevant to your business and delivers it via the media and technologies that suit you best, saving you time and keeping you informed on what matters.

Request a free trial today and see how our award-winning journalism, from 600 journalists across the globe, can help you and your team make informed decisions and reach your goals faster.

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