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If you advise oil and energy clients or work directly in the energy sector, it pays to be better informed.

Organisations realise they need to work harder and add more value to retain and acquire clients.  Clients, equally need to remain agile and informed for optimum productivity and business success.

In an earlier blog post, we had written about the importance of ‘commerciality’ and its role in providing competitive edge.  In-depth knowledge and a 360 degree view of your clients, their industry and their challenges, puts your organisation’s services on its front foot as advisers cultivate a consultative and problem-solving approach.  As a client, this in-depth view translates to anticipating risks and identifying opportunities for your own organisation’s success.

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In obtaining this intelligence and for knowledge to drive business growth,  you can get more from content.

With a recent investigation on the impact of the plunge of the oil price in summer 2014 in our New Oil order Series and more extensive coverage in our Energy, Technology and Economy showcase, advisers and those working directly in the Energy sector can get the bigger picture.

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