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Supporting remote learning with

The FT is read daily by businesses, politicians, and academics around the world and reports on a wide range of topics, including finance, management, international law, politics, and economics.

Thanks to an unrivalled network of correspondents and reporters, the FT covers the coronavirus crisis in all corners of the globe, examining its impact on politics, business, finance and the markets. Read below for guidance on how you can use the FT to support remote teaching and learning.

Can I embed FT content into my learning management system? (Blackboard, Moodle, etc.)

Yes - links are permanent and can be shared via learning management systems. You may want to include the sign up page in your syllabus to make it easier for students to sign up for an account. You may also want to add an reading list to your class page.

How can I set up a virtual reading list?

  1. Go to and click on Create list. Give your list a name, and click Save.
  2. To add articles, click on the Save icon on the left side of any article page to add it to your list.
  3. To share the list link, go to your list via the Saved articles tab in myFT. Set the list to Public at the top of the page. Click Share, and right click to copy the list, which you can then share with your students via email or your learning management system.

Watch our short video tutorial on creating and sharing reading lists.

Is there an intro to video I can watch?

How can I find relevant articles and data on

  1. Using Topics - All FT articles are tagged with different topic names. There are thousands of topics available on You can find topics by entering keywords into the search box. Topics include: Coronavirus, Markets, Management, ESG Investing, International tax, Business Education, Work and Careers, Global economy, Emerging markets, and more.
  2. The archive - You search the automatically via the search box or by going here. Click on Refine your search on the results page to narrow your results down by topic or date. The archive goes back to 2004.
  3. The newspaper archive - You can search for newspaper articles here. The newspaper archive goes back to 2005.
  4. Data - Many professors rely on the data FT journalists gather for their courses or research. You can search our Graphics page by topic for charts/data, and you can find markets data here.

Watch our short video tutorial on searching for content on

Is there an app?

Apps are found in the iOS App Store or Google Play. Use your credentials to log in.

What interactive learning tools are available?

Can I customize

Every user has a unique page called myFT that can be customized. You can add news streams to myFT by clicking on Add to myFT at the top of any Topic page.

Watch our short video tutorial on following topics using myFT.

Can I be alerted to new content by email?

  1. You can set up alerts for your myFT topics on the Contact preferences page in your myFT hub and make sure you are subscribed to the myFT Email Digest.
  2. The FT has 20+ curated newsletters on topics such as M&A, Business Education, Markets, Trade, Politics, Tech, Economics, Moral Money, and more. You can see the full list of newsletters and sign up here.

Can I read a digital version of the FT newspaper?

Yes - access to our ePaper is included in your subscription. Go to this page and click on your preferred edition at the top.

How can I learn more about content and tools?

Contact your education consultant at

Is there customer support available to me?

Yes - our help team can be reached 24 hours Mon - Sat. If you need your school’s sign up link they can help with that as well. You can contact them at

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