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How you can boost your content marketing strategy with the FT

According to recent statistics, marketers continue to face challenges in their content marketing strategy. From thought-leadership, to editorial resource, content curation and production, budgets are tight and timing is key, there’s a whole host of different areas to address.  Then bringing it together in a synchronised fashion becomes yet another challenge. 

Marketing performance data analysed by data platform (2016) shows that, although brands are spending up to 300 per cent more on content production year-on-year, engagement rates are flat, and 5 percent of the content produced by companies accounts for 90 percent of engagement. In other words, 95 percent of branded content gets little or no engagement at all.

Other key challenges:


Attracting and maintaining target audiences with the right content at the right time is the end goal but when there are hundreds of stimuli or competitors stealing the spotlight, it can be tough to stand out. 

In this whitepaper ‘Perfecting the content marketing mix in 2018: challenges, opportunities and solutions’, the FT in collaboration with Blueglass, explores exactly how your organisation can stand out. 

By looking at the key challenges, top tips from experts and ideal solutions, your team can start thinking about how the FT can assist your content marketing strategy efforts with our Republishing services. 

Republishing allows your organisation to select FT news, opinion, analysis and video, and republish it to your owned media channels, such as content portals or newsletters. 

If you would like quick demo of how the Republishing tool works, contact our Customer Success team here:

An FT Republishing licence provides your organisation with high-quality, relevant intelligence for use online or in print, fulfilling the growing worldwide demand for authoritative news and analysis and helping you grow your business.

For more information about how the Financial Times can help your organisation or to request a free trial, please get in touch.

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