SSO User Frequently Asked Questions

Will SSO work on my mobile?​

Yes, you can sign in to your FT account via SSO on your mobile/tablet devices. Simply download the FT app for iPhone or Android and follow the instructions.

Signing in via SSO on your mobile:

When reaching the FT login page, simply enter your FT account email address. An additional button will appear inviting you to sign in via your organisation’s IdP. Select this option to sign in.

Note - The ability to sign in to work (/federation) account on your mobile/tablet device will be required to allow you to sign into your FT account via SSO.

Will I be logged in on all my devices and different web browsers?​

You will need to follow the SSO login process for each different device and/or web browser what you wish to access FT content. E.g. If you are signed in on Firefox, this will not log you in on a Chrome web browser.

What support is available if I have a problem logging in?​

Direct support is available. If you have any queries or encounter any login issues please contact

What if my organisation has IP access to the FT?

If your organisation is set up with IP access to the FT, you are currently able to access the FT without having to log in to your FT account when you are in your organisation’s IP range(s) e.g. when you’re in the office. We appreciate that SSO users with IP access will still be able to view FT content when accessing the FT within their organisation’s IP range without having to log in - However we don’t want to turn off any IP access which would affect FT access for users not using SSO.

The benefits of logging in to your FT account are:

  • By signing in via SSO you will be logged in to your personal FT account. This allows you to benefit from personalised features such as myFT and sign up to receive FT email newsletters.
  • You will be able to log in to via SSO when you are outside your organisation’s IP range (e.g. when you are out the office)
  • You can log in to via SSO using your mobile/tablet device.

What if I can't log in to my organisation’s sign in page?​

If for any reason you are unable to authenticate/log in to your work account (e.g. you have forgotten your work account username or password) you will need to click on “Having problems logging in?” and you will be emailed a one-time use code.