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Access the most important business read globally*

FT Group Subscription provides access to all the premium newsletters, reports, and content, equipping readers with the latest reporting from 600+ journalists worldwide.

With over 130 years as one of the world’s leading news and information organisations, the Financial Times provides businesses, governments, and organisations like Sciences Po Alumni with award-winning journalism and tools to help:

  • Build market intelligence and deepen your understanding of what matters to clients
  • Keep up with the latest news, with in-depth reporting delivered straight to the team's inboxes
  • Identify opportunities, risks, and trends ahead of the competition

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Premium content for a fair and flexible price

An FT Group Subscription is the simplest and most cost-effective way to gain premium access to the FT at scale, on any device, including our iOS and Android apps, the ePaper and third party media monitoring and news aggregation platforms.

Pay once for access across multiple platforms Pay once for access across multiple platforms

Volume discounts

We use an engagement-based pricing model, meaning you only pay for the number of people reading frequently. Empower your team with premium access to the FT at scale - The more readers on the licence, the less you pay per reader. Empower teams with the information they need to read and share.

Volume discounts Volume discounts

Strengthen client relationships

With tools such as myFT and email alerts, you can monitor the issues important to clients and provide advice within a commercial context. Share up to 20 gift articles each month with clients or colleagues, using specific stories as reference points or a catalyst for a conversation.

Graphic depicting how the Financial Times helps strengthen client relationships Graphic depicting how the Financial Times helps strengthen client relationships
Stimulate discussions: FT Enterprise Sharing

For many professionals, it is important to use a trusted source of market analysis to engage clients in meaningful discussions about potential opportunities or risks.

FT Enterprise Sharing enables frictionless sharing of FT article links, regardless of whether recipients have FT login credentials or not.

  • Share more FT content: Enterprise Sharing links can be opened 100 times or more which enables much wider article distribution
  • Use your existing FT.com account: Links can be redeemed using the 'Org share' button on FT.com articles
  • Maintain and strengthen credibility: Leverage the FT's global reputation for accuracy and integrity when sharing articles
  • Connect with clients: Share FT commentary to create informal touchpoints for building stronger client relationships

600+ Professional and 900+ Financial Services organisations develop commercial awareness using an FT Group Subscription

As a member of Sciences Po Alumni, the FT provides a trusted source of global macro and market analysis to businesses like yours. Our world-class journalism empowers teams at thousands of organisations to better understand their clients and the industries they operate in.

Linklaters Linklaters
Lombard Odier Lombard Odier
Schneider Electric Schneider Electric
Korn Ferry Korn Ferry
Baker McKenzie Baker McKenzie

BNP Paribas: Valuable Intelligence

The FT provides BNP Paribas with accurate news and analysis on global business, finance and politics, to inform the strategic direction of the bank and perform risk and opportunity assessments.

The value it brings is intelligence and clever editorial content which enables you to understand the deeper context, it goes one step further and is more analytical.

Jeffrey Krogh Managing Director, BNP Paribas

Lombard Odier: Remaining on the pulse of global changes

The FT delivers a universal source of trusted information, which ensures all staff have access to up-to-date advancements in the most important areas of business.

In my role, I have to do a lot of research and macroeconomic analysis, so you certainly have to be on top of economic, financial and political developments around the world. Being an FT reader has helped me stay on top of the issues that mattered for me and dig deeper wherever I need to.

Bill Papadakis Investment Strategist, Lombard Odier
Orient Securities logo
Orient Securities logo
Orient Securities logo
Orient Securities logo
Orient Securities logo

National Audit Office of Finland

The FT enables teams at National Audit Office of Finland to become specialists in their areas, to speak knowledgeably about global events that could impact their clients, and adapt their advice to different client requirements.

I see the FT as a global research tool that has readers all over the world, and it makes it somewhat easier to justify the importance of the work we do. It creates a common language to use a high-quality news source. It helps that it’s not only in research papers where these topics are discussed, but also discussed in the Financial Times. It makes it easier to communicate about them and their importance.

Vivi Niemenmaa Deputy Director, National Audit Office of Finland
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Stanlib logo
Stanlib logo
Stanlib logo
Stanlib logo

Baker Mckenzie: Timely insights, delivered anywhere

The pairing of the FT's tailored, sharp pieces of insight which can be read on the move or during a commute, with the ability to drill deeper into issues or themes, is one of the most valuable elements for teams at Baker Mckenzie.

When I wake up in the morning, I get these briefings. It allows me to start my day with information that I find crucial for my business. The email is the teaser, it’s the hors d’oeuvre so that later, I can look a little bit further into the information that has been provided to me. I think the combination works perfectly.

Michael Foundethakis Partner, Baker Mckenzie
Governmental institutions essentials
The latest developments within the financial services industry

Anticipate challenges and opportunities which could sit outside your field of vision with the FT's key content.

Three themes shaping the professional services industry

Clients are changing the way they work with firms, their expectations of service delivery, and the nature of work itself.

A powerful tool for your business

An FT Group Subscription gives you a cost-effective way to equip your teams with trusted FT content. They get intelligence that’s rapid, relevant and reliable, delivered via the media and technologies that suit you best.

Advantages include:

  • The latest intelligence: Stay ahead of the competition with curated email briefings, delivering the latest news stories relevant for your job role
  • Premium FT.com: Inform your staff's decision-making with exclusive FT content, including expert analysis and newsletters
  • Workflow integration: Improve productivity which enables your team to access the FT within their existing workflow or via 60+ aggregators
  • Enhanced research tools: Utilise charting tools and stock market information to help staff research and analyse companies

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