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Enterprise Tools is a simple, secure, easy-to-use platform that enables the administrators of an organisation’s FT licence to manage users, select topics for them to follow, and review actionable usage insights.

Enterprise Tools is for anyone who has permission to be a licence administrator on an organisation’s FT licence. The platform can be used by individuals in a wide range of roles. Each role will benefit from different features:

If you manage access to your organisation’s FT licence you’ll benefit from the platform’s quick, intuitive user management features, including user setup and usage reports.

If you manage knowledge and distribute content for individuals, groups and departments you’ll benefit from the platform’s simple, time-saving content distribution features. These will enable you to easily share the right content with the right people, keep your organisation informed and enhance decision making.

If you budget for your organisation’s FT subscription you’ll benefit from the platform’s clear, actionable usage insights. You’ll be able to get a transparent view of your licence usage in an instant, helping you gain a better understanding of our pricing model and ensure your licence is being used effectively.

With Enterprise Tools you can:

Manage your FT licence – quickly and easily

  • See an instant overview of the current status of your licence, so you’re always up to date
  • Add or remove users and reset passwords, in an instant



Share relevant content with users

  • Share relevant, personalised content with individuals and teams so they can make informed decisions – fast
  • Save time and effort finding and collating content, so you can serve your organisation effectively



View data on your licence usage

  • Discover relevant, insightful metrics that bring you clarity and understanding
  • Track usage and uptake against a wide variety of metrics
  • Review, measure and report on return on investment – in moments


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