Republishing features
What you can republish

The Financial Times delivers in-depth coverage of international news, objectively reported and analysed through the lens of global markets, for a global audience. By using FT content to support your editorial and brand aims, strengthen your position as a thought leader in a competitive marketplace and raise your profile with the people that matter.

An FT republishing licence provides access to our premium archives of written and audio-visual content, including thought-leading comment and in-depth market analysis - flexible, trusted content to supplement what you offer.

It also provides access and association with the reputable FT brand, which acts as a powerful tool to communicate your business, enhance reputation and maximise marketing initiatives. Benefit from:

  • Unbiased reporting on corporate developments and events across a broad range industries, markets, countries and cultures
  • Clear analysis and keen insights into the big issues of the day delivered by our global team of journalists
  • Highly sought-after media videos and recorded interviews
  • Back catalogue of invigorating cultural and lifestyle writing to help engage with high net worth individuals
  • Special reports, coverage and data of financial markets, including equities, currencies, capital markets, emerging markets and the fund management industry
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Where can you republish FT content

Our contracted customers can search for and download content online via our syndication platform and republish it to:

  • Print and digital publications
  • Emails, brochures, reports and presentations
  • Websites, intranets and client portals

As a media organisation, with an FT republishing licence you can syndicate FT content to your website and print editions to enrichen content, engage readers and drive revenues.

As a corporate enterprise, you can republish FT content across the full spectrum of digital channels, be that your intranet, website or client portal. Engage your audiences and outshine your competitors by sharing content that’s valuable to your clients and stakeholders.

Republishing tools

Our dedicated team make it easy to republish and reproduce our content in a variety of the highest-quality formats, using tools that best suit your needs.

  • FT Syndicator Service. Easy to locate, download and republish FT content - light system to indicate if articles are available for syndication when browsing

  • FirstFT and email alerts. Hear first and react fast – customisable email alerts and morning email digests of significant stories from the FT and across the web.

  • API integration and RSS feeds. See new FT content instantly, without interrupting your work. Get updates through intranet portals, on websites and preferred internal channels.

Translate content for your markets

If you're a media publisher we offer fixed and flexible methods for adjusting content for republishing, and whatever language you work in, we can provide permission rights to translate our journalism for your audience.

For media and corporate republishing customers we have a Spanish translation service. If you want to republish FT content in Spanish, every month we select some of our most popular articles and translate them ready for you to use.

Dedicated support

To ensure you maximise your investment, our dedicated team can advise on how to republish and reproduce our content in a variety of the highest-quality formats suited to your needs. Our goal is to help you make the most of republishing FT content by bringing expertise and best practice advice to ensure you achieve results quickly.