Republishing FAQ

The FT Republishing service provides the means for you to publish Financial Times journalism to your publication, be it a newspaper or magazine, and across your owned media channels

You can republish from our extensive archive of written and audio-visual content, so you can select and republish to support your services and engage new audiences.

Our content covers a wide variety of categories:

  • World News
  • Companies and Markets
  • Management and Education
  • Comment and Analysis
  • Reports and Magazines
  • FT Weekend
  • Video

We are proud of the diversity and depth of our coverage, but whilst there is a huge amount of content available for syndication, there are limits on republishing. To discuss which content your audience wants to see, please contact us.

Not all content, like that written by guest authors, can be republished.

Prices vary based on a number of factors, such as where content is being republished and the volume of articles you want to be licensed to republish. Please our product specialists to get a quote.

Generally speaking, yes. But it does depend on what content you want to publish.

Usually, yes. Read our Terms and Conditions (go to the Access and Use section) or contact us.

Yes, you may. Please make sure you credit any content you use: include the author or photographer name, the publication title and its name and date. The content cannot be republished outside of your school, college or university.

Yes, we archive publications as follows:

  • – 7-year archive
  • FT press cuttings – since 1st April 2010
  • Today’s edition of the ePaper – for 3 weeks (including FT Weekend)
  • ePaper archive – since November 2005
  • Special reports – 3-year archive

For older content, we partner with Back Issue Newspapers. Please email them directly at

Yes, you can purchase the rights to republish a single FT article for a specific purpose. When you've found the article you want to republish contact us and include a link to the article.

The only language we translate a selection of our articles to is Spanish. You may however undertake the translation yourself with our prior permission.