Republishing FAQ

Our Republishing service means world-leading journalism at your readers’ fingertips.

Here are some common questions we get asked about Republishing. If you have any other questions about content syndication, contact us.

What is Republishing?

With a republishing licence you can publish Financial Times content across your digital channels, in a newspaper or in a magazine.

What is licensing?

Licensing is all the rights and legal permissions given by a content owner to a third party. If you take out a Republishing subscription with us, there will be some terms and arrangements that go with it.

What can I republish?

A Republishing subscription opens up our extensive archive of written and audio-visual content, so you can select and syndicate to support your services and engage new audiences.

Our content covers a wide variety of categories:

  • World News
  • Companies and Markets
  • Management and Education
  • Comment and Analysis
  • Reports and Magazines
  • FT Weekend
  • Video

We are proud of the diversity and depth of our coverage, but whilst there is a huge amount of content available for syndication, there are limits on republishing. To discuss which content your audience wants to see, please contact us.

Not all content, like that written by guest authors, can be republished.

Can I republish your editorial content and expert analysis?

Yes, we republish our specialist editorial content too. Contact us for more information.

Can I publish FT content online or in an email?

Generally speaking, yes. But it does depend on what content you want to publish. Contact our Republishing team for guidance - just send the article headline (or a link) and they will get back to you.

Can I link to FT content online, or in an email?

Usually, yes. Read our Terms and Conditions (go to the Access and Use section) or contact us.

Will it cost me to use FT content?

Yes, there is usually a charge. Go to our How to Buy page or contact us.

I want to republish some FT content. Who do I need to get permission from?

Our Republishing team will be able to help you - contact us to find out more.

What kind of organisations take out an FT digital subscription?

More than 3,000 organisations around the world use our content - from international newspapers and business schools to private firms, government agencies and book publishers.

I’m a student and I’d like to use FT content for my work. Can I?

Generally speaking, yes. Please make sure you credit any content you use: include the author or photographer name, the publication title and its name and date. The content cannot be republished outside of your school, college or university.

Can I get back copies of FT content?

Our past articles and content are available at to subscribers of the FT.

We archive publications as follows: