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Government institutions around the world place their trust in an FT Group Subscription to inform policy decisions that stand up to scrutiny

When faced with many conflicting sources of information, the FT provides an unbiased and accurate source of global news to better inform policy decisions.

With over 600 journalists worldwide, the FT provides diverse, reliable news coverage and expert analysis to give government organisations a concise overview of the issues that matter most. The strength of the 125-year-old FT brand means our journalists gain direct access to key influencers around the world. This allows us to deliver a truly international perspective and objective assessment of change, which government officials can rely on to confidently assess the impact of global events.

Effective policymaking depends on a balanced understanding of the issues at hand. A Group Subscription to the FT provides accurate and unbiased global news, along with balanced opinions from credible experts, to help policy makers understand the bigger picture and better inform policy decisions.

What our government clients say about FT Group Subscriptions

The FT is probably my main source of analysis of political decisions and of the issues for and against. It helps me to think about the wider issues that affect potential policies I might be working on and to see the bigger picture.

Economist, Analysis Division, HMRC
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of central banks across the world's 30 leading economies rely on an FT Group Subscription to support their decision making

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