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From healthcare and technology to pharma and energy, the FT provides organisations with accurate and up-to-date market intelligence, so you can form a 'big picture' view and make the right decisions.

Business leaders and their teams need reliable sources of accurate, insightful and timely information to transform their organisations for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. With a network of more than 600 journalists reporting from 50 countries, the FT helps by delivering the macro picture of current affairs, global economics, industry and market trends, while also digging deeper into emerging risks and opportunities facing specific sectors. Whatever your sector, this information is a vital component for your decision-making and can help you set strategic priorities, operate more effectively in international markets and build client relationships by understanding the forces shaping their industries.

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I use the FT as an important source for up-to-data analysis of the oil & gas industry (general trends, competitive environment etc.). this provides an important external perspective to my strategy & planning role.

Finance and Planning Manager, Shell
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of the top performing pharmaceutical companies in the world have an FT Group Subscription.

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