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Market intelligence & analysis

With over 2 million readers daily, the FT reaches a global audience of senior decision-makers. Our readers rely on our coverage of the political, economic and social forces shaping the business world to improve decision-making by understanding what is happening today, and how it impacts tomorrow.

With a network of over 600 journalists reporting from over 50 countries, an FT Group Subscription provides a truly global perspective to empower your teams with better decision making and help you get ahead. The strength of our 125 year old brand means our journalists gain direct access to key influencers around the world. We double source our stories to ensure accuracy. And we report without fear and without favour.

We put the news into context by combining it with expert market analysis. This helps our readers to fully appreciate its implications and get a fuller picture on market trends and issues likely to impact their business. Explore the Best of the FT, a hand-picked selection of topical news articles, popular features as well as premium commentary and analysis.

Workflow integration

With an FT Group Subscription, your organisation pays once for the right to access Financial Times content across multiple platforms.

Millions of people read FT journalism via, mobile phones and tablets. Many of our clients also access FT content through media monitoring agencies and news aggregators. We work with the industry’s leading organisations to provide content workflow integration solutions or applications that best meet your requirements.

Our aim is to help you save time and be more productive by delivering relevant, high value intelligence when you need it, using the systems that your organisation uses.

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Dedicated support

To ensure you maximise your investment, an FT Group Subscription includes complimentary support throughout the lifetime of your subscription. Our goal is to help you deploy the FT within your organisation and apply industry best practices to ensure you achieve results quickly.

Our customer success team provides expert advice on the Financial Times content that is most relevant to your organisation - ensuring you get the most from your subscription. With hands-on experience of working with customers around the world, our consultants start by establishing what your organisation needs and then working with you to ensure you have access to the right information, delivered using the technologies that suit your organisation best.

The team is on hand to implement your service, answer questions and provide technical help. This bespoke support, including on-site and virtual training sessions, is shown to improve adoption and return on investment.

Fair & flexible pricing

With an FT Group Subscription, your organisation is only charged for users who regularly need access to our content - paying only once to access content across multiple platforms and devices.

We work with your organisation upfront to identify the number of people that require frequent access. A frequent user - or 'core reader' - reads nine or more articles within any 30 day period. The price of a licence is based on the number of core readers only and the price of the Group Subscription is fixed for the term, so you can plan your budget.

Our pricing model requires all usage to be 'visible' so we encourage the use of links, but not copying and the redistribution of full text. This ensures fairness and transparency so your organisation is only paying based on the value it receives.

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