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Kroll How Kroll uses the FT to provide independent advice to strengthen and enhance its client relationships

The challenge

Corporate Finance executives at Kroll need a source of trustworthy information and analysis to provide effective advice, fulfilling the needs of their diverse client base.

The solution

An FT Group Subscription provides access to global coverage, including insights and analysis to help develop a big picture view across industries. The FT is used as a trusted source of information to develop insightful conversations with clients and colleagues.

The benefits

The more informed an advisor is, the better they can guide their clients to making the best decisions for their business. This improves the strength of existing relationships and enables them to showcase their knowledge to prospective clients.

I use the FT to pick up intelligence to help many of my US-based clients. At the firm we talk about the transatlantic opportunity, and I believe it's real and it's here to stay in this global world. New York and London are not that far apart.

Bob Bartell President of Corporate Finance, Kroll

Guiding clients towards better business decisions

Kroll is a multinational financial advisory firm. The firm specializes in a range of business areas. This includes helping clients make better business decisions around valuation, real estate, taxation, cybersecurity, M&A advisory and other corporate transactions.

With its main corporate headquarters based in New York City, Kroll employs over ’6,500 professionals in 140 countries and territories around the world. The firm sees itself as a unified brand and recognizes the importance of having all its employees on the same page when it comes to global news and updates.

From our storied beginnings as "Duff & Phelps" in 1932 - to a new firm and expanded capabilities - and now One Team, One Kroll, the firm has added more than 30 complementary companies to its portfolio.

Kroll provides extensive support throughout M&A and other corporate transactions. As a leading middle-market advisor, Kroll’s corporate finance unit delivers trusted and objective advice to solve critical business issues and support its client base. When it comes to staying up to date with the latest industry knowledge, the team at the firm utilize as a global source of news and analysis.

Securing client relationships through expert advice

Bob Bartell is President of Corporate Finance for Kroll and has been with the firm for 24 years. Over this time he has experienced shifts in leadership requirements and client expectations. An important part of his role is ensuring that his clients receive a high level of advice and impartial financial guidance.

When asked about his role Bob stated that as client needs and the industry can change so quickly his role requires him to be agile and adaptable. “We see the world change in front of us,” he says. “Much of my role is about leadership, representing the firm and being externally focused with our client relationships.”

Through their FT Group Subscription, Bob and his team gain a competitive edge and can advise clients to the highest standards. The connected nature of the global editorial team enables FT journalists to collaborate and share expertise across regions and industries. This helps firms like Kroll avoid 'tunnel vision' and identify potential risks or opportunities for clients more quickly.

The foundations of Kroll’s success comes in the form of tailored financial advice to build on their client relationships. From public companies, private equity firms to family businesses or entrepreneurs — there isn’t a one size fits all approach to the range of its client base.

I know that when reading the FT I’ll get a detailed insight with a balanced perspective.

Bob Bartell President of Corporate Finance, Kroll

Bob makes it clear that when advising clients, it's important to look through an external, independent lense. “We’re providing an outsourced function to help clients make better and more informed decisions.” he highlights. “There may be factors that our clients are less familiar with, so we provide the expertise, support and preparation to guide them.”

Companies like Kroll turn to the FT for up-to-date, in-depth analysis of the industry trends affecting their clients. In order to react to any opportunities or risks associated with his clients, Bob uses “I read the FT almost everyday, I’m kind of a news junkie,” Bob remarks. “I think it's important to be complete, in terms of my business mind and what I’m up to date with.”

With an FT Group Subscription, Kroll accesses a well-informed and trustworthy source of analysis providing a wide scope of breaking news and information. The FT’s actionable insights help bolster client advice and secure these relationships.

Gaining an international perspective

To support the development of new and existing client relationships, it's important that Kroll fosters an international perspective when advising clients. The company operates across continents and relies on the FT to enhance cross-border knowledge and insights.

With his access to, Bob values the balanced perspective he receives from FT content. “Some papers I read generally bring a biased perspective,” he says. “What I read in the FT is more balanced with different perspectives and it confirms the facts.” By making use of an FT Group Subscription, Bob has access to over 600 FT journalists on a global scale. The FT’s editorial coverage crosses different global industries and connects the dots between trends.

Bob also believes that different countries experience similar challenges and can relate and learn from each other. “Take the current U.S. administration’s infrastructure plan for example, this is a US-based solution. However, many other countries are dealing with the same challenges that this infrastructure plan resolves,” Bob explains. “I understand that different countries can have similar dilemmas and FT content helps bring the understanding of these global issues to life.”

“It's important to understand there are different ways of thinking globally,” Bob highlights. “From a global perspective, each region is very different in how investors operate and it's important to recognize some of those nuances to be globally aware.”

The FT is a source of global commercial awareness and subscribers can readily access international business news, analysis and market data. For subscribers like Bob and his team, the FT helps them gain a global comparative advantage when comparing opportunities and risks on an international scale. In turn, this solidifies their commercial perception and position as trusted advisors to their diverse client base.

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If there is something new at play in the industry or a news story that we need to understand, we turn to the FT to confirm what we're discussing. It's a confirmatory tool for us.

Bob Bartell President of Corporate Finance, Kroll

Flexible access to

Another building block to securing strong client relationships is by having flexible and easy access to relevant analysis and information. With access to, Bob is able to readily find analysis and insights applicable to fulfilling his client’s needs.

By being able to access, Bob is never far from the information he needs. “Whether I’m at home or work, I always have access,” Bob explains. “I really benefit from the accessibility, quick navigation and just being able to find exactly what I need, whenever I need it.”

Another benefit Bob highlights is easily sharing FT content with his colleagues and clients alike. “Sharing FT articles using the gift link or share button is of tremendous value to me,” Bob explains. “Just being able to forward an article or copy a link to my colleagues who are also on our corporate subscription is so straightforward.”

By having an FT Group Subscription Kroll ensures that all departments and employees are on the same page by providing them with full access to In turn, this helps strengthen client relationships. The more knowledgeable an advisor is, the better they are when helping clients make informed business decisions.

An FT Group Subscription extracts the intelligence that’s relevant to your business and delivers it via the media and technologies that suit you best, saving you time and keeping you informed on what matters.

Request a free trial today and see how our award-winning journalism, from 600 journalists across the globe, can help you and your team make informed decisions and reach your goals faster.

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