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Welcome back Energy Source, the FT’s premium energy and sustainability newsletter

It’s time for a reset. Energy is the world’s indispensable business, and we’ve relaunched our newsletter Energy Source to bring you curated insights from the global industry.

Twice a week, Energy Source brings you essential news, forward-thinking analysis and insider intelligence.

Authored by the US energy editor, Derek Brower, and in collaboration with the FT’s expansive energy team of experts, the newsletter houses select news, insight and agenda-shaping commentary from around the globe, in the energy space.

What can I expect?

Energy Source will explore scoops on Saudi Aramco, to producing punchy columns on Opec; reportage from Texan wind-farms, to war-torn North Africa; from the politics of sustainability in a recession economy, to the global race for oil storage.

Expect not only agenda-setting energy coverage, global perspectives on global issues, and exclusives found nowhere else, but also the scoop on scoops: how we got there, why we investigated, and what bits didn’t make it into the story, but might still be of interest.

In addition, there’ll also be longer-term curation of important FT newslines and stories, to help build the picture over time. Think oil companies and ESG; the rise and decline of shale and its geopolitical implications; the flaring scandal in the Permian -- so much more is to come and to be explored in Energy Source.

We’d recommend exploring this Special Report by the FT energy team, called The Future of Energy. Inside is a focus on Covid-19 and the price war shocking US shale production, the report also deep-dives into life after a $600m gamble on renewables; the role of biofuels in aviation, and much more.

You can click here to sign up immediately to Energy Source, if you’re an FT subscriber.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can subscribe to Energy Source, along with our variety of other newsletters, you can reach out to our support team here.

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