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Transform your university teaching and studies with the FT's trusted global analysis

In universities and colleges, it always helps to have content that enhances studying. Whether you’re a class of 30 students, or a faculty member preparing for a lecture, having appropriate and accurate secondary material to the primary content is vital for providing evidence and real-world context to learning. The FT is widely trusted by universities and business schools for precisely this purpose. 

The FT’s digital education program provides full access to our award-winning journalism and analysis, which can be incorporated into existing curricula to bring current affairs and an international perspective. Through the FT’s authoritative news students are equipped with a greater business acumen and international understanding.

By combining academic theory with real-life scenarios presented in the FT, the students gain a skill set to put theory into action.

Arne Jon Iscachsenprofessor of economics at BI Norwegian Business School

As an example, SKEMA Business School uses their access to the FT’s news and analysis tools to increase their students global understanding of financial markets. Since participating in the FT’s education program, SKEMA has found that the students who are top FT readers perform at the top half of their class and has improved their commercial awareness.

Among the top 20 FT readers (those with the highest reading frequency), 75% are ranked in the first half of the cohort based on their global full year average. However, 35% of students with the lowest FT reading frequency were ranked in the last quarter of the cohort. (*based on SKEMA’s official empirical data and analysis from student reading and performance over the quarters).

Most of the time, we spot a rather good correlation between a student’s academic results and their reading frequency of the FT.

Professor Amaury Goguelhead of MSc financial markets & investments, SKEMA Business School

What are the benefits of using FT in universities?

It gives you a suite of learning tools: We provide a suite of tools to help faculty incorporate articles, videos and other content into their course plans. Plus, FT coverage can be seamlessly integrated into your university’s learning and content management systems (i.e. Blackboard, Canvas or Moodle). 

It’s customisable to your needs: Students and faculty have the ability to follow their chosen topics of interest and create virtual reading lists aligned to their course schedule. These lists can be easily shared between student and faculty.


The FT enables students to connect current events with course principles and gives them current, real-world material for their assignments. It is a necessity to our program’s goal-oriented approach to problem solving.

Michael Fladprofessor, Esslingen University

How can I use FT coverage in the classroom?

We offer various tools to assist educators in adapting FT content to fit their specific teaching needs. These tools include: 

Customised news feeds: Faculty and students can follow over 1,000 relevant topics including themes, countries, people and companies. All related articles will appear in your personalised myFT news feed and you can also set daily or weekly email digests. 

Virtual reading lists: Faculty can create reading lists for different classes based on topics related to the curriculum. Any saved articles are automatically shared with students, making it easy to ensure everyone is ready for the next lecture or seminar. 

FirstFT and Weekly Quiz: Essential reading for students and faculty alike, FirstFT is our selection of the best global news, commentary and analysis from the FT and the rest of the web, updated three times a day. Bonus, every Friday FirstFT includes a quiz of the week’s top stories, which educators can use to test news awareness and reading comprehension. 

Portfolio: With the Portfolio tool, students can get comfortable with managing their own stock portfolio, including: learning relevant market vocabulary, tracking markets and their movement, seeing the news stories associated with each stock, and more. 

From the very first trimester, we were urged to read the Financial Times on a daily basis. With FT news by email at my fingertips, I can keep abreast of world news and business trends, which has proven to be invaluable in a global economy.

Jacinth Auexecutive MBA student, Thunderbird School of Global Management

The education program enables subscribers to access FT content across a variety of channels, including via, through newsletters and email alerts) and on the FT mobile app. Additionally, FT article feeds and curated reading lists can be integrated in your university’s learning and content management system (for example, Blackboard, Canvas or Moodle). 

Professor Simon Evernett, academic director of St Gallen University, has been effusive in his praise of utilising FT content in his lessons. “The feedback on the use of FT articles in our Learning Assessment Week has been excellent,” he said, “[and] it really helped to clarify what the students need to do in the classroom and they've started reading the FT more regularly because of it.”


The FT teaches life lessons between classes, business students become scrutinous with the facts and diligent with their views.

Professor Arnoud de Meyerpresident, Singapore Management University

How can the FT’s global perspective to support students in their study abroad planning?

The FT’s customisable country-specific news briefings can be delivered to students who are preparing for study abroad or other international trips. Students can prepare for their trip prior to traveling, and also be alerted to any major news that breaks while they are abroad.

Whether you are teaching, learning or managing an FT subscription, we will support you in getting the most out of, and provide access to materials including: posters, user guides, on-site demos and more. 

How can I learn more about the FT’s offerings for higher education?

Over 300 MBA programs rely on the FT as a reliable source of business intelligence. Explore our dedicated page to learn more about how the FT can benefit your program.

An FT Group Subscription offers a practical way for educational institutions to incorporate current affairs and an international perspective into their curriculums, bridging the gap between theory and reality.

For more information about how the Financial Times can help your organisation or to request a free trial, please get in touch.

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