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Customer Stories

Top business school views the FT as a key contributor to enhanced academic performance

SKEMA, one of the top 10 leading business schools worldwide for Finance MSc courses, aims to provide students with a deep understanding of worldwide financial markets.

To help achieve this, an FT Group Subscription is part of their solution.

In their use of the Financial Times, students were introduced to its trusted news, analysis and tools, to help them grasp the complexities of financial markets and connect current events with course principles.

As a result,  the FT has helped the school:

  • Maintain an international perspective
  • Increase the likelihood of improved academic performance across all students
  • Get flexible, customised access to key intelligence, relevant to the curriculum and coursework

Overall, the FT is deemed to help improve academic performance and SKEMA found that, of the top 20 most frequent FT readers, 75% were ranked in the top-performing half of the year group, based on their global full year average grades. This indicates that reading the FT might lead to better academic results.

To find out more about SKEMA, their challenges and how the FT has helped, read the full case study here. An example of the challenges, key tools, content sections and solution is outlined to demonstrate how other schools and institutions alike can reap the full benefits of an FT Group Subscription for Education.

An FT Group Subscription offers a practical way for educational institutions to incorporate current affairs and an international perspective into their curriculums, bridging the gap between theory and reality.

For more information about how the Financial Times can help your organisation or to request a free trial, please get in touch.

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