SSO User Guide | Single Sign On for Corporate Organisations

Single Sign On (SSO) means that, providing you are able to sign in to your company’s user account, you can sign in to your FT account without having to enter an FT account password.

How to sign in to your FT account via SSO

Here’s how you can view FT content directly on or via an external FT article e.g. an email link or tweet.

Note - In order to log in via SSO you will need to log out of initially. The following link will ensure you are logged out: Log me out of my FT account.

1) Providing you’re not already logged in to your FT account, when you select an FT article you’ll reach a barrier page, click ‘Sign in here’ and you will be directed to the page below


2a) Enter your email address and click ‘Next’

2b) Your email address is identified as belonging to an SSO enabled organisation. Click ’Sign In’

3) You’ll be re-directed to your chosen FT article

3A) You may be re-directed to your company’s sign-in page; if you’re not already logged in, and asked to enter your work username and password. (Please note: not your FT password). You will then be logged into your FT account and taken back to the content you selected.

3B) You will need to follow the above SSO login process for each different device and/or web browser what you wish to access FT content. E.g. If you are signed in on Firefox, this will not log you in on a Chrome web browser.

  • The new FT Single Sign On feature is available on the FT Web App and the Adroid app mobile platforms
  • To test to the new SSO feature, please ensure that you are logged out of your FT account before you attempt to sign in via SSO. The following link will ensure you are logged out: Log me out of my FT account
  • If for any reason you are unable to authenicate/login to your work account, you will be able to log in via the or log in page outside of SSO by entering your FT username and FT password
Further Information

For further information on SSO please view our User FAQ Page