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In an industry currently undergoing significant transformation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, uncertain political landscape and potential pricing legislation, access to high-quality market intelligence is a critical success factor. The FT delivers reliable and relevant global business, political and economic information to help identify key opportunities and risks, drive better decision-making and develop winning corporate strategies.

Special Report:

Future of AI and Digital Healthcare

In this joint commission from The Lancet and Financial Times, we explore how AI and other digital advancements are being harnessed to improve healthcare in the world’s poorest regions

Highlights from the report include articles like:

Searching for a way in: Google and other tech giants have long seen great promise in healthcare, and AI offers a new opening
A worldwide wake-up call: AI’s role in helping to diagnose, treat and curb the spread of Covid-19
Combined vision: AI-focused medical tech companies are collaborating in an unprecedented way in the battle to beat Covid-19
The data will see you now: The phones in our pockets could provide healthcare AI engines with the reliable data they need to be effective

Financial Times
Financial Times
Financial Times
Financial Times
Financial Times

Coronavirus, politics and the economy:

A Q&A with US pharma editor Hannah Kuchler

This year has shown us how a whole world can be taken by surprise. The pharma industry may have been aware of the threat of a pandemic - but many other sectors were not. Equally, there are surprises lurking in other sectors that could upend pharma.

Hannah Kuchler US pharma and biotech correspondent, Financial Times



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Graphic depicting how the Financial Times can help shape strategic plans Graphic depicting how the Financial Times can help shape strategic plans

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented threat to businesses and markets. It has challenged every organisation’s ability to maintain business as usual, and decision-makers are racing to mitigate risk and manage disruption as quickly as possible, but without reliable intelligence they are doing it blind.

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