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Thousands of professionals working in the technology sector rely on the FT each day for accurate global commentary and analysis on tech innovation, business, economics and regulation.

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Podcast: Tech Tonic

We are in the midst of a digital revolution, where the line between our physical world and cyberspace is blurring. Tech Tonic is the FT podcast that investigates the promises and perils of this new technological age. Listen now on your preferred app.

Unlock additional benefits: FT Enterprise Sharing

FT corporate subscribers often tell us they’d like to be able to share FT articles more widely with clients, to initiate conversations, build relationships or spark a dialogue around new ideas.

FT Enterprise Sharing enables frictionless sharing of FT article links, regardless of whether recipients have FT login credentials or not.

  • Share more FT content - Enterprise Sharing links can be opened 100 times or more, depending on how your organisation decides to configure the platform.
  • Use your existing FT.com account - Links can be redeemed using the 'Org share' button on FT.com articles.
  • Maintain and strengthen credibility - Leverage the FT's global reputation for accuracy and integrity when sharing articles.
  • Initiate conversations - Engage clients in thought-provoking conversations around trends or new opportunities.

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Intelligence personalised for your team

Technology professionals across their organisation leverage FT reports and analysis to make stronger decisions. Regardless of your position, the Financial Times can help provide teams with industry solutions.

Explore how a corporate subscription will empower your team - contact us for a personalised consultation and a team free trial.

For all Business Development
  • Tailored conversations: MyFT allows professionals to customise their news consumption to what clients are interested in
  • Establish credibility: The FT is an ultra-reliable, recognisable source of information, and therefore is credible to quote to clients to build trust
  • Workflow integration: Enables teams to access the FT with their existing workflow or via 60+ news aggregators

FT special reports and analysis can strengthen your team's market intelligence and provide better services to clients.

Senior Management and Strategy
  • Information, fast: Having access to FT insights enables analysts to identify and prepare for future events
  • Exclusive content: Curated email briefings such as newsletters delivered straight to your inbox
  • Filter out the noise: MyFT lets analysts specialise their news consumption to inform strategy and direction
  • Socio-economic flux: Moral Money keeps investors up-to-date on environmental, social, and governance trends, allowing them to invest for the future

FT content can provide analysts with current and by-the-minute insights to stay ahead of the curve.

Corporate Communications
  • Continuous learning: Provide employees with the opportunity to sharpen business acumen
  • Workflow integration: Share FT content with internal workflows, such as CRMs and intranets
  • Relevant information: Supply employees with resources through our Enterprise Tools
  • Commercial awareness: Better understand finance, markets & business impact

FT content can be used to communicate internally, equipping teams with broader commercial awareness, as well as inform external communication strategy.

A powerful tool for your business

An FT Group Subscription is the exclusive resource your team needs. The advantages include:

  • The latest intelligence on the topics that are relevant for your job role with tailored email digests
  • Workflow integration which enables teams to access the FT with their existing workflow or via over 60+ news aggregators
  • Enhanced research which includes charting tools and stock market information to help staff research and analyse companies
  • Dedicated support from our Customer Success Team who help you achieve your goals
  • Flexibility in pricing where you pay only once for access across multiple platforms such as on mobile and tablets

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Get in touch today to gain access to business-essential features included in FT Group Subscriptions for you and your team.

Over 5,000 organisations have a group subscription, including tech firms of all sizes around the world.

Microsoft: Global teams

Read the case story to learn how Microsoft’s global teams apply FT trusted insights to guide successful business decisions.

As one of the world’s Big Five technology companies, Microsoft employees across the world need access to trusted and reliable insights that can be held with the high standard that their reputation demands.

eToro: Client investment decisions

Multi-asset investment platform eToro uses FT Gift Subscriptions to assist clients’ investing decisions.

As fintech evolves and investing moves to online spaces, acting on the right information is vital for new investors. Read about how eToro keeps in touch with changable markets for better decision-making with their FT Group Subscription.

Blog: Why do tech companies subscribe?

Our belief is that all members of an organisation need an awareness of the context in which they’re working and the impact their technology is having.

Richard Waters FT West Coast editor

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Get in touch today to gain access to business-essential features included in FT Group Subscriptions for you and your team.

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