The changing face of

professional services

Now more than ever, firms need to be imaginative, considered

in their strategy and ready to deliver services in new ways.

No change in demand; all change in expectations

New research among clients of professional services firms finds that although the Covid-19 pandemic might not reduce the appeal of these firms, the bar is now higher. Clients want more.

Clients are changing the way they work with firms, their expectations of service delivery, and the nature of the work itself. Competition, meanwhile, is increasingly intense.

The good news is that the work of the sector over the past six months has enhanced client relationships. That work is not just a boost to the bottom line. It also gives the sector valuable opportunities to build new client relationships that will endure. This report explores whether the industry can respond to clients’ changing needs and build on the existing demand that is seeing it through an age of crisis.

In a world where innovation is the primo currency, being very close to the client is absolutely crucial. You need to fully understand where the client wants to go. You need to be advising and shaping where the client needs to go, rather than just waiting for the order.

Ben Pring Cognizant

Adapting to a new environment

Clients are looking for firms to help guide their strategic decision

making as the fall-out from the pandemic continues.

How has the disruption from Covid-19 affected your organisation's appetite for the following services from professional services firms?

Which of the following have caused your organisation to end a commercial relationship with a professional services firm?

How important will the following strategies be for your organisation over the next 12 months?

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