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With tools such as myFT and email alerts you can monitor the issues important to clients and provide advice within a global context. Share up to 20 gift articles each month with clients or colleagues in order to use specific stories as reference points or a catalyst for a conversation.

Reading the FT is the highlight of my morning. Whilst it keeps me informed on market developments, the FT provides excellent talking points across all manner of subjects from House & Home to politics and business. I regularly share articles with colleagues and use gift articles to send interesting pieces to external contacts.

Christo Geyer Head of Business Development, Prudential Investment Managers
Graphic depicting how the Financial Times helps strengthen client relationships Graphic depicting how the Financial Times helps strengthen client relationships

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Lex is the FT's agenda-setting column on business and finance.

The oldest and arguably the most influential business and finance column of its kind in the world, Lex helps readers make better investment decisions by highlighting key emerging risks and opportunities.

It's imperative that our investment teams have an accurate source of global analysis and opinion. The FT provides the international perspective we need to assess the potential impacts of global macro-themes and events on our local markets which ultimately help inform strategy.

Nicholas Naidoo Head of Credit Risk, Stanlib Credit Alternatives

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The FT is essential to gain a deeper understanding and I'm always impressed by its quality. Moral Money is absolutely excellent and Free Lunch is the best economics summary in the market.

Peter Westaway Chief Economist and Head of Investment Strategy, Vanguard
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