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Lex is arguably the world's most influential column of its kind, published daily since 1945. It aims to unpick complex situations in under 400 words. The Lex Newsletter is published each Wednesday and again on Friday when the team reviews the week’s best commentary.

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We don’t believe in buying peaks or selling dips. Lex doesn’t tell you what’s happening. Instead, it explains why - distilling key data and market information from many sources into an easily read, concise format.

Jonathan Guthrie Head of Lex and FT Associate Editor

Lex Megatrends: how will Brexit

reshape the City of London?

The stylistic identify of Lex is centred on analytic heft, brevity, and wit, whether that's in written or video form. Watch below as FT Lex looks at how Brexit has eroded the City of London's position as Europe's financial hub, and how it might reinvent itself.

Brevity. Financial literacy. Clear opinions. Terrible puns. Lex entertains even as it informs.

Jonathan Guthrie Head of Lex and FT Associate Editor

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