How much further could your law firm go with an FT Premium Group Subscription?

With hundreds of sources, events and opinion distilled daily from across the globe, an FT Premium Group Subscription delivers the business context your teams need to make critical decisions, reduce business risk and enhance commercial knowledge.

  • Improve client service with context and knowledge on their business and deep sector insight
  • Get reliable, objective information at your fingertips - configure only the content you need, whenever you need it
  • Reduce risk by understanding the global context of vital issues and events affecting your firm, your markets and your clients
  • Save time with access to trusted information in a succinct format and an unparallel search facility

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Leading law firms worldwide invest in an FT Group Subscription to stay ahead, always

35 out of the top 40 law firms globally trust an FT Group Subscription to give their teams the commercial awareness and intelligence they need to offer the most effective counsel to their clients.

With the increased commercial awareness conferred by the FT’s international business intelligence, your lawyers can give their clients better advice, building lasting client relationships and increasing client retention.

Key Features for Law Firms

Share the intelligence

With an FT group subscription, you can share FT Premium articles of interest across your law firm, as well as with clients, increasing overall knowledge levels and improving client service.

  • Build better relationships - with colleagues and clients by sharing valuable intelligence and insight.
  • Improve your law firm’s reputation - and increase everyone’s commercial understanding by sharing relevant articles and advancing knowledge.
  • Reduce your risk - give everyone the opportunity to identify risks and take action for their clients by circulating in-depth analysis and market insights unavailable elsewhere.

Intelligence at your fingertips

Our search facility ensures your teams can get the information they need effortlessly, and our heritage means there’s 11 years of insight to reinforce your decision making.

  • Do your due diligence - by quickly and easily searching reliable, accurate news, events and insights on your clients, or potential clients.
  • Unlimited access - with no restrictions on the number of items you can view or download from your search query.
  • One source, one search - get the right information you need instantly from multiple sources, distilled by FT journalists and discovered through our precise search tool.

Your FT, your way

With MyFT, every member of your law firm can configure and curate their own content feeds, giving them quick access to pertinent information, whenever they need it.

  • Unlimited access to intelligence on specific clients, markets and industries across the globe
  • In-depth insight on ‘why it matters’ behind every news story and event
  • Personalized alerts so your team never miss out on vital information or insight

An FT Premium Group Subscription is the power behind 97% of the top 30 law firms worldwide.

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