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FTI Consulting: Strengthening strategic communications to enhance client relationships

With tools such as myFT and email alerts you can monitor the issues important to clients and provide advice within a commercial context. Share up to 20 gift articles each month with clients or colleagues in order to use specific stories as reference points or a catalyst for a conversation.

I use the FT as a top priority for all of our clients, spotting trends from top journalists. Everything we do revolves around information from the FT.

Katherine Bell Senior Consultant, Strategic Comms, FTI Consulting

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: A business tool for the communications team

Through a Financial Times Group Subscription, EBRD has equipped its teams with a useful business resource, with alerts customised to the specific interests of different teams and integrated into their workflow.

The Financial Times is part of our daily understanding of the background to the decisions we are taking.

Jonathan Charles Managing Director of Communications, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

CNC: The credible news source for strategic communications advisers

For CNC, an international strategic communications consultancy group, the FT is a vital source of information, helping to keep staff informed and ensure they are able to speak with authority to clients about developments in their sector.

As a strategic communications adviser, we need a credible news source that offers both speedy information and high-quality analysis.

Olivia Griffiths Director, CNC

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