FTX Collapse: A Timeline

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The Crypto Crisis

The crypto world has ruled headlines with a mysterious and innovative flare in recent years. Yet the lack of a regulatory framework has left FTX's users, investors, and more with one of the biggest frauds in history. Follow along as the Financial Times offers context on the legal proceedings, losses, and new discoveries in this unprecedented case.

Use the paywall-free resources in each section below to piece together the ongoing—and scandalous—story of one of the world's richest men falsifying his $40 billion empire. These resources are united by the following themes:

  • Years worth of misallocation of funds
  • How this fall from grace has been devastating for fellow crypto giants
  • A global call for stricter regulation

Curtain Call

As the golden boy of crypto takes a bow, there is still a whole timeline of legal events to be seen. With more than $8 billion to be accounted for, many big players are in the mix and there are sure to be some surprises.


Considering that FTX was a leading authority in the industry, it is no suprise that their heavy fall from grace has created a fallout that fellow crypto giants have had to adapt to. As a result, Binance, OpenSea, and more have set their sights on repairing crypto's image to an increasingly reluctant audience.

Picking up the Pieces

In a maneuver to replace FTX, regain faith from investors, and get a slice of the scattered funds, there has been an influx of headlines concerning crypto's bounce back into the spotlight.

Conflict of Counsel

Sullivan & Cromwell are no strangers to FTX's operations and the extent of their affiliation has left many to question the integrity of their role in these proceedings. Can the firm impartially investigate the company’s demise? See more below.

Show me the Money

The potential of FTX had always been astounding and deep pockets enabled exciting partnership conversations with celebrities like Taylor Swift. Now that those pockets are shallow, all anybody wants to know is how will creditors secure what's due?

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