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Analyse key themes, trends and connections relevant to your business with clarity and speed

FT Enterprise is working on enhanced features and tools to power better discovery, exploration and delivery of FT content for our corporate subscribers.

FT Lens is our new early-access test platform and we invite you to try the features we’ve been working on by being one of our beta testers.

An analytical view

of FT content

Use FT Lens to better understand relevant themes, trends and connections

amid the

noise and complexity of the modern world.

Cut through noise and complexity

  • View and track developments impacting your business or your clients’ businesses
  • Find relevant insight and evidence to support reports, presentations and pitches
  • Speak and think confidently in light of up-to-date context

Be proactive, not reactive

  • Make better informed strategic decisions and plans
  • Anticipate business risks, spot new opportunities and discover unknown unknowns
  • Reinforce your status as an insightful thought-leader or a trusted adviser

Save time and effort

  • Save time staying up to date and gathering valuable insight
  • Gather structured insight without manual legwork or expensive research
  • Avoid missing important developments

Get started with FT Lens

Powerful search

Find insight relevant to your business with powerful search

  • Search for sectors, regions, organisations, regulations, ESG issues and more
  • Run broad or specific searches over any time range
  • Monitor specific keywords or phrases of interest
Confident trend analysis Confident trend analysis

Flexible tools

and analytics

Get a quick overview or drill into the detail

  • View high level themes and contextual extracts
  • Analyse connected topics and entities for any area of interest
  • Understand trends and emerging themes in newsroom coverage
Confident trend analysis Confident trend analysis

Start exploring FT Lens now

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