The Equality Project is committed to supporting organisations around the globe to consistently create journalism and media that fairly represents our world.

The FT joined the 50:50 project in 2019 with the aim of representing women and men equally in their content.

Why the FT got involved?

The FT recognises the importance of raising awareness for equality in the newsroom, whilst supporting our company-wide efforts to reach a broader audience.

What does FT aim to achieve through the 50:50 initiative?

  • As of 2022, the FT has 24 teams from across the FT Group who actively making changes to support the Equality Project
  • The main goal for the 50:50 project at the FT is to reach an equal balance of women and men in FT output
  • The FT aims to obtain more use cases, testimonials, and case studies from female readers
  • FT Professional is aiming to reach 130,000 engaged women subscribers

Case Study: Stephenson Harwood

  • Clients look to Stephenson Harwood for its expertise in identifying and advising on them as part of their wide range of legal advisory services
  • The flexibility of a FT Group Subscription enables law firms to share content across the firm in multiple formats including via email and podcasts and through various device.
  • Emma Skakle is a partner in Stephenson Harwood’s Marine & International Trade team
  • With clients in Europe, Singapore, UAE, Africa, India and elsewhere, it’s crucial that Emma starts her day feeling well-informed on the key stories impacting the commodities markets globally

I really like that I can drill down into specialised topics, and have in-depth news and analysis packaged up and notified to me as soon as it's released.

Emma Skakle Partner at Stephenson Harwood

What has the FT achieved so far with 50:50?

  • Across our content there has been an increase in women’s representation above the 40% threshold
  • In March 2021, 54% of our work featured at least 40% women, up from 38% when those teams first started monitoring
  • The FT has actively started to seek more female testimonials to help reach an equal balance in FT content
  • Since 2021, there has been a positive change of 16 percentage points in FT's women representation

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