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An FT Group Subscription is the exclusive resource your team needs. They get intelligence that’s rapid, relevant, and reliable, delivered via the media and technologies that suit you best. Advantages include:

  • The latest intelligence on the topics that are relevant for your job role with tailored email digests
  • Enhanced research which includes charting tools and stock market information to help staff research and analyse companies
  • Workflow integration which enables teams to access the FT with their existing workflow or via over 60+ news aggregators
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Energy companies use the Financial Times to scan relevant news for opportunities to inform their strategy and keep them up-to-date on the information that matters. Book a call today where we would be happy to discuss a personalised subscription for your team.

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Prepare for the future of energy

Experts in the Energy sector must be attuned to global macroeconomic stories to understand oncoming threats and opportunities. In an authoritative yet neutral way, the FT alerts readers and guides them through regulatory risk, climate change-related legislation, energy demand, and supply chain disruptions.

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Risk Management and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Teams
  • Anticipate risk: The FT’s credible coverage of trends enables you to mitigate risks to your company’s business goals
  • Global perspective: With assets on one corner of the world and consumers on the other, a thorough understanding of the global supply chain is essential for success
  • Look ahead: The FT’s forward-thinking content give you the knowledge needed to protect your organisation’s future by preparing today
Strategy, Investment and Trading Teams
  • Align your strategy: Lead your strategy with updated, accurate information that cuts through the noise and aligns with consumer needs
  • Inform your team: Align your team with trusted insight to ensure your organisation is preparing for the industry’s future
  • Visual data: With a variety of reporting formats, FT visual journalism allows you to understand data in innovative ways
Senior Management Teams
  • Timely updates: The FT informs you of changes and trends that will affect the energy sector so you can prepare in advance
  • Diverse opinions: With hundreds of journalists around the world, the FT offers a different perspective that provides insight into how and why policy and regulation come about, and how they impact you
  • Trends and events: An understanding of political and social motivations can inform economic implications, providing readers with nuance