A story missed

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Take instant action
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FT Integrated Solutions enables risk teams to identify

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What is FT
Integrated Solutions?

Datamining licences from FT Integrated Solutions provide full-text FT articles in
machine readable format (Json).

Seamlessly integrate FT content with your

existing risk monitoring platforms.

Respond faster to key events

Never miss a relevant article

Integrate with your existing platforms

Why is the FT essential for risk monitoring?

The FT is one of the few established financial news providers to curate important events at a truly global level.

We have over a million paid subscribers globally. Leaders, market participants and regulators use the information we publish to inform their decisions.

Thanks to datamining licences from FT Integrated Solutions, risk teams can now leverage the full value of FT content for risk monitoring.

  • Map articles to client organisations or assets in a portfolio.
  • Significantly reduce the time required to take action following an impactful news event.
  • Integrate FT content with your existing risk monitoring platforms.
  • Eliminate the danger of your team missing something they may need to act on.
Confident trend analysis Confident trend analysis

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