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What is FT Enterprise Sharing?

Engage clients in thought-provoking conversations

Use the FT's insightful commentary and analysis to stimulate discussion and debate with clients and third parties.

FT Enterprise Sharing allows professionals to effortlessly share links to press coverage, potential areas of risk or opportunity, and other talking points with clients without requiring them to also have FT login credentials.

The FT is a catalyst to conversations, it can act as a spark.

Paul Lewis Partner, Capital Markets Practice, Linklaters
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Maintain and enhance your firm's credibility

Leverage the FT's global reputation for accuracy and integrity when showcasing your credentials.

When sharing any content externally, professionals risk their reputations if that information is incorrect or from questionable sources. FT Enterprise Sharing enables members of your organisation to use a trusted source of market commentary in external discussions, without jeopardising the firm's credibility.

A day rarely passes when we do not share articles by FT journalists to provide and provoke valuable discussion points, both within the firm and externally with clients.

Neil Hedges Chairman, Headland Consultancy
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Frequently asked questions

Why is the FT running this beta test?
Corporate subscribers tell us they’d like to be able to share FT articles more widely with clients and colleagues, to initiate conversations, build relationships or spark debate. We're therefore testing this feature to allow them to share content at a larger scale than our current FT.com feature (gift articles) provides.

Can I use Enterprise Sharing in the FT app?
No, this is only available on the desktop version of FT.com.

How long will I have access to this tool?
Organisations that are beta testing this feature are granted free use of Enterprise Sharing for a limited period of 2 months/60 days, or until the organisation uses all its additional sharing credits. Individuals are responsible for ensuring they have any necessary consents for sending shared articles to recipients.

What does the recipient see when I share an article?
For the first 100 times the link is opened, the person opening the link will directly access the article shared without hitting the paywall or having to provide any personal information. After 100 views, if a visitor is not an FT subscriber they will hit a subscription barrier.

I can't remember which articles I shared and when, where can I track this?
Currently we don’t have this feature available.

Can I see who I have shared articles with?
Currently we don’t have this feature available.

Can I see who is opening my links?
Currently we don’t have this feature available.

Can I see how many people have viewed my article?
Currently we don’t have this feature available.

Who can see what I have shared?
Currently we don’t have this feature available.

If you would find any of the features above valuable, please let us know here.

What if I expect more than 100 views on an article?
You should create an additional Enterprise Sharing link for that article in order to distribute it more widely.

Do I have a personal limit on the number of articles I can share?
No, all limits are on an organisation level.

Am I able to change or adjust my organisation’s article limits?
Please get in touch with your licence administrator or submit a request here.

Will it count if I share the same article twice?

Can I post my sharing links on social media platforms?
Yes, but after 100 views anyone who clicks the link will hit the paywall on FT.com.

Can I cancel an article shared with someone by accident?
Currently we don’t have this feature available but let us know if that would make it more useful.

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