FT resources for licence admins

Features such as Single Sign On are available to help administrators seamlessly roll out FT access to students and faculty. The Enterprise Tools platform then provides full visibility of how the FT is being utilised across your institution, giving you an understanding of how effectively your FT Group Subscription is being used.

Setting up Single Sign On (SSO)

Available as part of an FT Group Subscription, your institution can integrate FT Single Sign On (SSO) for seamless access to FT.com and FT apps using a centralised login system. Read on for information about how to set up FT.com access through SSO.

Guide to Enterprise Tools

Using Enterprise Tools effectively makes managing your FT Group Subscription easy. In one platform you can see an overview of the usage of your subscription, easily add and remove users, reset passwords and more. Download the full guide below.

Enterprise Tools overview

Watch this short video for an overview of the key features of the FT Enterprise Tools platform. Download the full guide above for more in-depth instructions for viewing and exporting usage reports, adding/removing users, resetting passwords and more.

Setting up two-factor authentication

FT Enterprise Tools has a two-step authentication process to help keep your data safe and secure. Watch this short video and follow a series of easy steps to set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) the first time you access Enterprise Tools.