A Letter from Lionel Barber

Dear readers,

From Brexit to Donald Trump, last year saw a thundering repudiation of the status quo. In a “post-truth” world, having access to trusted, truthful, insightful journalism is more crucial than ever.

In 2016, we invested in the features of our Premium subscription to ensure we provided you with the news, insight and analysis you needed to make better decisions. We also invested in a new website to make it faster and easier for you to discover and read relevant commentary.

In 2017, we are going even further.

Last year, we asked how we could support you further in the year ahead. So in 2017, we are adding four new features to your Premium subscription, to bring you more coverage on Asia and more opinion and analysis from our journalists:

  • FT Confidential Research - The entirety of our Confidential Research is now available to Premium subscribers for the very first time. Confidential Research is a research service which combines proprietary survey data with on-the-ground research on China and Southeast Asia, to give readers predictive investment insights and indicators for key sectors in the region. FT Confidential Research complements our emerging markets coverage, EM Squared.
  • Instant Insight - Offers timely, authoritative commentary and analysis from the FT’s award-winning columnists and global network of specialists, to give readers a head start in understanding the implications of the big breaking stories of the day.
  • Authers’ Note - Written by John Authers, senior investment commentator at the Financial Times, Authers’ Note is a new email briefing available exclusively to Premium subscribers, providing a daily briefing after the closing bell on Wall Street.
  • We’ve also increased the allowance of Gift Articles to 20 for Premium Subscribers, to allow you to share more widely articles that interest you with your colleagues, clients and connections.

As the world changes, so does the Financial Times. These new additions, available exclusively to our Premium subscribers, signify a continuation of our strategy to invest in quality journalism to meet our readers’ needs.

Succeeding in business has always demanded clarity on the issues that matter; this is what the Financial Times will continue to provide.


Lionel Barber