Leading global private bank used FT wealth management solutions to strengthen client relationships and drive profitability

The challenge

A leading global multinational financial services holding was looking to systematise best practice information management and innovation within its private banking division across investment consultants and relationship managers, using content and technology to differentiate its service and gain a competitive edge.

The solution

FT wealth management solutions were integrated within the bank's custom internal content portal for its wealth management business. With timely access to premium intelligence on global market developments, advisers could have more informed discussions with clients, improve investment advice and react quickly to take advantage of new opportunities.

  • The bank's platform supplies select primary and secondary sources of data, research, news and financial product information.
  • Deploying a structured FT content feed (API), metadata, and content mapping capabilities the bank’s wealth management team is able to leverage global news and expert analysis drawing intelligence of potential investment opportunities and market trends within the platform.
  • Content integration via the API provides greater ingenuity of information management and all users with instant access to news, research data and products.
  • Relationship managers quickly get up to speed on emerging market trends and news events that could impact their existing clients and potential investors. Research and internal teams are aligned to reduce lead time.

The benefit

The bank has transformed the performance of its investment consultants and relationship managers. Using FT solutions for wealth managers resulted in strengthened relationships with high value customers, and drove the profitability of the business, by increasing the volume of transactions. The bank also saw an increased adoption of their internal platform in parallel.