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An FT Group Subscription provides the pricing and information delivery mechanisms to help organisations embed the FT at scale and better exploit the value of market intelligence.

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Plan strategically

Plan proactively for the medium to long-term, rather than allowing your company's destiny to be shaped by reactive responses to the shifting sands that confront you daily.

Understand evolving markets

To exploit new opportunities, leaders need accurate and up-to-date information on international markets, as well as valuable insights on the likely impact of wider changes in the economic environment.

Set strategic priorities

In a global economic environment that remains fragile, business leaders need to prioritise initiatives that deliver resilience and drive competitive advantage.

What our customers have to say

The FT is a catalyst to conversations, it can act as a spark. We look for potential connections when reading a story in the FT and then discuss with colleagues and clients to see what might come from that. And the market insight and market knowledge in the FT is superb.

Paul Lewis, Partner Capital Markets Practice, Linklaters