SWI swissinfo.ch

News organisation SWI swissinfo.ch attracts a global readership with the support of the Financial Times

The challenge

How to better engage a niche and international audience in a news-saturated world.

The solution

Increase the quality and variety of content available on SWI swissinfo.ch’s website, by syndicating relevant and authoritative journalism from one of the world’s foremost global news organisations, the Financial Times.

The benefits

A significant increase in visibility, and in the number of readers and level of engagement amongst a highly educated and influential global audience.

Swiss news, offered worldwide

In 1999 SWI swissinfo.ch was launched as the online service of Swiss Radio International, a unit of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC).

The site provides multimedia news on a wide range of topics including politics, business, culture, society and research. It also offers commentary and Swiss views on global events and developments. This adds further appeal to its audience of international business and investments professionals and government officials - over 1.9 million expats living in Switzerland, as well as around 750,000 Swiss nationals living globally.

Publishing content in 10 languages, SWI swissinfo.ch reaches more than 80% of the world’s internet users and retains a strong social media community of over 1 million.

The need for quality content

Reaching a large audience of the world’s internet users is one thing. Attracting and maintaining a highly intellectual, international audience is another. To do this, SWI swissinfo.ch realised the need to supply a continual flow of high-quality, relevant and engaging content.

Amr Huber, Head of Communication and Marketing at SWI swissinfo.ch says, “Amidst the flood of information that today’s reader’s face, we want to become a more informed source for our international and intellectual business and political audience by curating more high-quality content.”

So in 2013, when new editorial guidelines allowed SWI swissinfo.ch to start using third-party content, the Financial Times was a natural choice.

The FT is recognised worldwide as being a trusted source for independent and authoritative intelligence on world affairs, business, finance and politics. Its global network of almost 600 journalists deliver opinion and analysis that’s both relevant and exceptionally well-informed.

Around 100 media businesses worldwide benefit from republishing FT content to grow their readership, brand and revenue. By becoming a Financial Times syndication partner, SWI swissinfo.ch now supplements its own content with high quality articles, reports and commentary that fulfils a growing demand from its international readers for global in-depth reporting and informed perspectives.

As an addition to the partnership, SWI swissinfo.ch has the exclusive right to translate FT content into multiple languages before republishing, as well as benefit from a range of branding opportunities to show association with the FT’s highly acclaimed name.

Adding variety to engage a global audience

SWI swissinfo.ch chooses from the wide variety of FT journalism that’s most relevant to their needs. With the new FT Syndicator tool, content available for republishing is easily identified on FT.com, and can be downloaded via the customised FT Syndication Platform in a variety of popular formats.

Dale Bechtel, Head of the English Service (Editorial) Department states, “The content we tend to syndicate most is the FT’s in-depth articles on major Swiss industries such as banking, watches, and pharmaceuticals”.

However the FT’s coverage also includes international news, updates on companies and markets, expert insight and analysis, a varied selection of special reports, lifestyle and leisure content, and up to 400 videos produced ‘from the field’ each month.

Including FT content on SWI swissinfo.ch’s website has not only increased the quality of editorial coverage, it also adds an international perspective from outside Switzerland that helps to further draw its niche audience

The support through syndication

Within a short time period, SWI swissinfo.ch witnessed the benefits of syndicating FT content. In particular it has helped to:

  • Enhance its own media with additional high-quality business content and add a more international perspective to its coverage
  • Make editorial resource savings by drawing on expertise from the FT’s global network of journalists
  • Position the organisation as a market leading information source on Switzerland, and attract a wider global audience of online readers by including more accurate context and informed analysis.