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Provide a better active service to clients and make informed investment decisions with FT Integrated Solutions

Integrate original and market moving FT news and analysis into your core banking and CRM systems.

Advise your clients with confidence, by knowing the very latest on how global market developments will affect them. Consequently, you can have more informed discussions, become faster at identifying investment opportunities and strengthen relationships.

Bridge the gap between client and adviser

Nurture client

Use the FT’s content as a catalyst to conversation to build trust and credibility with investors.

Identify investment opportunities

Use our expert analysis and proprietary insights to execute on recommendations to clients with speed and confidence.

Drive productivity and efficiency

Raise the overall performance of relationship managers with seamless access to global insights and market developments.

Build commercial awareness

Get a global business perspective ensuring you understand your client’s industry and how market changes will effect them.

FT solutions are highly valued by our clients in financial services

FT is a great source for authentic and reliable financial news and analysis. We appreciate that it provides a global market insight across different digital platforms with a depth that very few other sources can. And the corporate contract has added an incredible value to our global business.

Manager Corporate Competitiveness, HSBC Global Asset Management