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Safeguard your reputation and customer trust with FT Integrated Solutions

Integrate relevant and accurate FT news into your post-trade compliance workflows

In the face of increased and ever-changing regulation, organisations are becoming more reliant on sophisticated compliance and surveillance solutions to uphold their reputation. However, these systems are ultimately only as good as the data sources they’re connected to. The FT provides a source of original content that is trustworthy, and returns highly relevant news articles - our editorial processes filter out the noise, and our searches contain far fewer spurious news items. With FT Integrated Solutions, you can feed FT journalism into your systems to better evaluate risk and comply with investment policies and restrictions.

Confidently maintain compliance

Understand the ever-changing regulatory landscape

Use accurate, reliable FT market intelligence to get a holistic view of the global regulatory environment.

Avoid fines and uphold your reputation

Keep portfolios in line with investment guidelines and avoid compliance breaches.

Identify emerging risks and non-compliant behaviour

Integrate proprietary FT journalism into your compliance systems, to identify risks and better detect rogue or insider trading.