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For over 125 years, the Financial Times has been used by financial professionals to keep abreast of the most significant corporate, financial and market developments.

For the financial services industry, facing an increasingly volatile and unpredictable operating environment, the FT provides an exclusive source of news and analysis on macro-economic trends, the global financial markets and company level reports. Clients in the financial services sector value the FT for its unbiased, accurate coverage, its ability to highlight emerging risks and opportunities from around the world, and as an original source of market-moving content. Our journalism can be accessed via third party platforms, such as Bloomberg and FactSet, or integrated directly into your own information systems using a structured feed of FT content and data. Use the FT to gain an advantage in the market.

Why clients value the FT in Financial Services
Takeshi Kiriyama, Chairman, Development Bank Of Japan Asset Management Ltd
Douglas Branson, Head of UK Distribution, GAM
Jeffrey Krogh, Managing Director, BNP Paribas
Robert Choudhury, Managing Director, Cornucopia Capital
What our financial services clients say about FT Group Subscriptions

FT is a great source for authentic and reliable financial news and analysis. We appreciate that it provides a global market insight across different digital platforms with a depth that very few other sources can. And the corporate contract has added an incredible value to our global business.

Manager Corporate Competitiveness, HSBC Global Asset Management
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