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The FT Widget allows you to build custom, embeddable news feeds so you can integrate relevant FT headlines into the applications of your choice.

Key benefits:

  • Relevant FT intelligence when and where you need it. Create customised feeds of headlines for different teams and departments throughout your organisation.

  • Quicker, more convenient access. Embed the FT Widget directly into your existing workflow solutions.

Watch lists

The FT Watch List tool makes content curation effortless. Surface relevant FT content and distribute it across your organisation with ease. The FT watch list tool is particularly useful for knowledge managers, PR and comms teams.

Key benefits:

  • Never miss an important story. Get notifications when new content matches your search criteria.

  • Easily curate content for newsletters. In one action, copy an article link, the headline, date of publish and the first line of text.

  • Discover relevant content without hours of searching. Set up as many watchlists you need to effortlessly keep track of the people, organisations and places the FT writes about.

60+ third party channels

Our multi-platform licence allows customers to access FT journalism via third party platforms so users can receive alerts and undertake research easily across multiple sources of information.

The FT has agreements with 60+ news aggregators, media monitoring agencies and technology providers allowing them to integrate FT content into their services.

Key benefits:

  • The content that matters, all in one place. View FT content, headlines or full-text, co-mingled with other sources in your news aggregator or media monitor of choice.

  • Undertake research confidently. With the FT in your 3rd party channel, vital business information from several providers is accessible from a single service, allowing for easy administration, searching and alerting.

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Headline API

The FT Headline API allows you to build customisable news feeds so you can integrate relevant FT headlines, as defined by you, into the applications of your choice. So your readers get important updates and insight from the FT, when they need it and how they want it.

Full text API

The full-text FT API allows you to retrieve articles, load them into your own system, execute searches and display or interrogate the article content.

Key benefits:

  • Easier access to information. Display full text FT articles co-mingled with content from other publishers, so users can benefit from the content they need, within their existing workflow solutions.

  • Undertake research efficiently. Retrieve full text content and metadata and make it available directly, so users can receive alerts and research across multiple sources of information.

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