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Usage Insights are available to the licence administrators of all FT Group Subscriptions.

Additional statistics and reports are provided for customers with a Group or Enterprise plan. To view your FT usage insights, go to

Usage data on FT platforms has a latency of 24 hours, so the dashboards don’t include activity data from the last 24 hours. However, usage reports from channel partners are only received once every four to eight weeks.

The process for recording the pages viewed by users of FT platforms is subject to independent assurance by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and is explained in a report.

The FT’s external facing infrastructure, global data centres and standard user workstations comply with the requirements of Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation. Cyber Essentials is a UK government backed scheme that helps protect organisations against a range of cyber attacks. Read more about our approach to cyber security and our privacy policy.

When you click on Usage Insights, the top row of charts provide a summary of the activity on your licence and the option to download usage of individuals on the licence. Each chart then provides additional data to help you better understand the characteristics of your licence. For more information download our guide.

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Definitions of the metrics

featured in Usage Insights

Pages that have been loaded on the user's browser or app instance. Includes email opens for full text, subscriber only newsletters. Excludes app pages of less than 5 seconds ('swipes').

Pages of FT content that are part of the FT's subscription model and loaded on the user browser or app or email client (email opens apply to full text subscriber newsletters only). Excludes home page views, video consumption, navigational pages and free articles for example.

Full text articles on are typically included within the FT's subscription model, spanning our companies, world and markets news coverage as well as analysis and opinion. There are however exceptions to this rule: occasionally, articles are made 'free to view' (without a subscription) to promote a topic of interest to the wider public. In addition, selected content formats, such as podcasts, our Alphaville blog, videos and some interactive reports, are routinely made available to view for readers without a subscription, and are therefore not 'counted'. It should be noted that this is subject to change as the FT business model evolves to reflect changes in reader behaviour and online content consumption.

The number of users in an organisation that the customer and the FT have agreed are likely to require frequent access to the FT. This figure is the basis for the cost of the licence and is fixed for the term of the licence.

The number of users on an organisation’s licence with the right to access FT content (includes contracted core readers).

The number of users currently assigned or allocated a seat on an group subscription. This is a net figure, so will exclude people who have left the licence.

The number of users who have had at least one page view since the start date of a subscription's current contract period.

The number of users who haven't visited since being assigned to the subscription or the start of the licence.

The number of unique users on an subscription who have read nine or more counted page views in any rolling 30 day period since the start of the licence. This metric shows the level of engagement for your licence at a particular point in time.

The number of readers who have visited more than once since the start of the licence, but haven't read nine or more articles within any 30 day rolling period. The FT doesn’t charge for these users.

The number of unique users on an subscription who have read nine or more counted page views in any rolling 30 day period over the last 12 months. This metric is used to forecast engagement levels, and therefore the value of the licence, in advance of the licence renewal date.

Page views loaded on different platforms including, ePaper, FT apps, full text email and channel partners. Activity data received from 3rd party channel partners is only available at an aggregate level for a licence and has a latency of four to eight weeks.

Page views loaded on different types of devices including desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

A flag to indicate that a user has 'followed' at least one topic on myFT.

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With Enterprise Tools, we can control how the service is implemented and I get a transparent view of how the service is being used.

Karen Gray Head of Information Resources, Gowling WLG