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Develop teaching programmes to reflect the reality of changing markets with an FT education subscription for your business school

The FT’s education programme offers a practical way for you to bring current affairs and an international perspective into your curriculum to enhance your school's reputation, attract students and improve their career prospects.

Business schools are recognising that their courses need to become more international. According to FT research, 'international exposure' is one of the top three expectations for those considering business education. The FT provides authoritative news coverage on global business, finance and politics, helping students understand the international business environment and connect classroom theory with business practice. An FT Group Subscription includes access to for an engaging and multi-media experience, a suite of learning tools and integration with learning management systems such as Moodle and Blackboard.

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The Financial Times gives my students a global perspective that no other journal can.

Professor Scott Moeller, Cass Business School
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Faculty Testimonial: George Washington University
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